Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vaya El Rojo Grande!

Oh I know sometimes you have to hammer your own. Yeah, like he's my "own" but still, Dave Heineman is the Governor Of Nebraska thanks to a football coach who thought the election to be Governor was a coronation and not an election (sound familiar Mittens?).

Heineman is a native Nebraskan (as am I) who lived in small towns all over the state, and as a young lad apparently liked to dress up in a little suit and pretend he was Governor, kind of like now. Heineman went to the US Military Academy, where they apparently have no minimum height requirement, and actually graduated from Army Ranger School, where they also apparently have no height requirement. Yeah, Heiney, can I call him Heiney, is a tiny little man screaming at the rest of the country to be noticed on how right wingy he is. Hey look at me, out here, over here, on that flat land, no over here. Oh Heiney, you embarrass us daily.

Napoleon Heineman really doesn't know much about anything. He changes his moldable brain depending on what the national Republicans tell him. For chrissakes the guy is so principle-less he actually endorsed Mittens Romney way early on. Birds of a feather pander together.

But Heineman, who is married to a woman who didn't bother to change her name, what's up with that feminazi crap, Dave, really has a problem with the browns. You know, the Mexicans, the people who fill up his precious Fremont, Nebraska meat packing plants and further Nebraska's economy enriching Hormel so they can fund Heineman's future political campaigns. Yeah it makes no sense but it makes perfect sense in Hypocrite Republican land.

Heineman, hopping up and down raising his hand Horshack style (RIP Ron Pallilo), now gets in bed with leather faced Arizona bony finger pointing Governor Jan Brewer and announces despite the young "illegals" applying for a road to citizenship, Dave is STILL not going to give them drivers licenses or welfare or pre natal care or a free Runza (see there is a silver lining). Dave hates the "illegals". Well, actually I don't think Dave hates them, but he knows Emil and Rose in those small towns he grew up in do hate them. Thus, Dave, the guy who has wanted to govern this waste of a state since he was 6, knows how to appeal to the brown haters. Orval and Mildred in Fremont can't stand that loud Mexican music on their way to the polka party. They can't stand that gibberish "those people" yammer on with at the Wal Mart while they buy the kolaches for the pot luck down at the Czech dance hall.

Heineman, a man who has built his popularity on the hatred of hispanics, and I do not exaggerate here, is probably really pissed he didn't run for Senate against Marry My Chair Guy, Jon Bruning, because the well funded Bruning lost the nomination to a two bit tea party legislator from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. That Senate seat is mine screams little Dave. I could have won. What with all my Hispanic bashing and all. Easy Street to DC.

Dave Heineman is something else. A guy who started his career by knocking off a legendary football coach, Tom Osborne, in the Republican's governor's race (trust me the Democrats may as well nominate Bruning's evil chair as much chance as they have around here) by hammering Osborne for actually supporting giving "illegals" in state tuition rates. As Governor this tiny twit, a major league fetus worshiper, has vetoed laws allowing for pre natal care for those "illegals". I guess, like most embryo enthusiasts, he really only likes the white ones. He has stopped tax paying "illegals" (he loves that word) who have been here since they were 2, from going to college at in state rates. That'll teach 'em. We wouldn't want those "illegals" chanting "Go Rojo Grande" in the same area as hot dog shooting Dave at the Husker games.

And now Dave Heineman, in his pandering to the relatives of German immigrants , now joins with a screeching harpy like Jan Brewer to thumb his nose at the colored guy in the White House and deny drivers licenses to "illegals". Of course, Heineman has to throw the "welfare" word in just to make it clear what he really means. "Welfare" means giving Dick and Ethel's tax money to browns and blacks and reds. Yeah, while Hormel and Con Agra and Google get "tax breaks". "Welfare" bad, "tax breaks" good.

Once again, who gives shit about a nobody like Heineman, who like most Nebraska politicians, dresses up in red and walks around the stadium in Lincoln on Saturdays while their zombies give out free rosters and schedules to the cheapskates who after spending hundreds on tickets and pig snouts in a casing, refuse to buy a program. Yeah, Dave, you truly are a diminutive little man. Both in character and stature.

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