Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Two! Tampa Tantrum!

Now it's getting good....today's schedule....no need to watch

2:00 PM--Der Fuehrer Reince "I lost to Chris Matthews" Preibus opens the convention with the traditional Republican counting of the money

2:01 PM--93 year old former Montana Governor and I Like Ike fan Tim Babcock leads the Pledge of Allegiance . Gets angry and leaves after the opening line is changed to I Pledge Allegiance to Grover Norquist.

2:20 PM-- Rabbi Meir Soloveichik leads the opening invocation. Republican delegates sneer because they still don't quite trust "those people".

2:30 PM-- Nebraska Senate candidate Deb Fischer (Welfare Rancher-Ne) has to be taught how to speak at a big event. Look over here. Look over there. Speak into microphone. And she's winning?

2:45PM-- Tim Griffin (Thug-Ar) speaks. Doesn't mention his participation in voter-caging also known as a felony in which voters are purged from voting rolls in Florida. Black and Hispanics mostly. Just a coincidence I'm sure.

3:00 PM--Der Fuehrer Reince Preibus cannot get enough camera time. Just forget about his ass kicking and his almost crying courtesy of Chris Matthews.

3:01 PM--John Sununu (Cuban-NH) waddles up to try to out thug Chris Christie. He's still a bit woozy from HIS ass kicking courtesy of Soledad O'Brien. Sununu, Cuban born, accuses Obama. American born, of being un-American.

3:30 PM- Virginia Governor and noted bigot Bob McDonnell walks onstage and begins to quote from his thesis..."man's basic nature is inclined towards evil, and when the exercise of liberty takes the shape of pornography, drug abuse, or homosexuality, the government must restrain, punish, and deters..."...a giant hook grabs him as the delegates cry with delight.

4:00 PM--Marsha Blackburn (Dimwit-Tn) goes up to keep the "death panel" bullshit alive. She makes me wish it were true, and she was the first customer

4:30 PM--Roll Call to keep the nuts who support Ron Paul from killing somebody. Mittens Romney actually wins. Republican insiders wince again.

7:00PM-- The Republicans begin the diversity portion of their little diversionary program by shoving Mia Love out front. She's black, she's a mayor of a Utah town, she's young, and she's nuts. She's a black Mormon. Case closed on the nuts part.

8:00 PM--Aging Northern Exposure actress Janine Turner is the best show biz type the Republicans can muster. Janine is drowned out by the delegates all saying "WHO?" st the same time.

8:30 PM-- The parade of bigots continues as Rick "Dont Google Me" Santorum speaks. Penn State officials wince.

9:00 PM--Scott Walker (Thug-Wi) says whatever it is the Koch Brothers tell him to say. He is truly one nasty kochsucker.

9:30 PM-- Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin walks out. No idea if the state patrolman she screwed around with while married was backstage "protecting" her.

9:45 PM--The Republican Diversionary Train continues with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. No word if the numerous men who "protected" her over the years are backstage.

10:00 PM--- Ann "Luvvy" Romney takes teh stage to tell everyone how tough it was when Mittens and her had to sell stock back in college to make ends meet. Tears flow in the crowd for the hardship the Romneys went through.

10:15 PM-- Finally...finally...whatdafuckyagonnado...Tony Soprano takes the stage and gets into random fights with everybody he comes in contact with from the arena entrance to the podium. Fahgeddaboutit! Tony finally just puts out a hit on everybody who looks at him funny. Goes back to Jersey. Listens to Journey. Blacks out from diabetic coma.

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MickeyWhite said...

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