Monday, August 13, 2012

Edward Wolfgang Munster Lives!

This is all I know about Paul Ryan (Cheesebrain-Wi)

1) Paul Ryan gladly took Social Security survivors benefits when his father died. Since he didn't really need it, being from a prominent family and all, he just stuck it in a bank or something until he really needed it. Which is never. But you, you orphan, you're just a leech sucking up his hard earned tax dollars.

2) Paul Ryan's never had a private sector job in his life. That's bad, right? Puts him right up there with Ann Romney, good, and that Kenyan Marxist Nobama, bad. Don't ask the difference. I don't speak Tea Party.

3) Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare for those of you under 55. When you all reach 67, yeah 67, he'll give ya 5 grand or so, then force you to run off to Prudential or Blue Cross or whatever, and shop around for your own goddamned insurance policy. That should be easy because all insurers are dying to insure 67 year olds with diabetes and heart conditions.

4) Paul Ryan was in on a special meeting with Ben Bernacke and Henry Paulsen on September 18, 2008 in which the Fed guy and the Treasury guy told him which banks were about to go belly up. Then he ran out and sold all his stock in those banks the sae day. If you or I did that, we'd be cell mates with Bernie Madoff. Paul Ryan was just being smart. Because Congress can do that, after all.

5) Paul Ryan is so fucking Catholic he thinks a person becomes a person at conception and you cannot abort that blastocyst, conduct stem cell research, and I assume take the thing as a dependent along with forbidding in vitro fertilization for all. Yes, he's so Catholic he even believes that poor people are on their own, Jesus was a hippie commie and social justice means that the country club fee can be waived only under extraordinary circumstances.

6) Paul Ryan hate gays. Period. End of story. Even though when he's standing there next to Romney, they look like a lovely couple waiting in line to marry in Iowa.

7) Paul Ryan thinks Mittens and Ann Romney pay too much in taxes. The horror of America is the fact we even ask folks like Mitt and Ann to throw in a few bucks for the common good. The Romneys should have their tax rate lowered from 0% to 0%. But you, middle class loser, you need to kick in more. What job have you ever created? Mittens has created tons of jobs. In Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India, and the Planet Kobol.

8)Paul Ryan doesn't like big mouth liberals who interrupt his lies in public. He has them arrested and roughed up. The so called genius cannot even debate a 70 year old with a beef. Shut up or get a cop's knee on your back. Paul Ryan justice.

9)Paul Ryan would double student loan interest rates while eliminating Pell Grants for kids with a financial hardship. He doesn't want anybody to learn anything, like that he is a heartless prick like the guy who picked him.

10)Finally. Strike 10. Paul Ryan was voted "biggest brown noser" by his high school class. What the fuck more does anybody need to know about this soulless wonk?

Paul Ryan. Phony. Despicable. Ayn Rand suckup. And he's such a pussbag, he's not only running for veep, he doesn't even have the balls to not run for his old House seat at the same time. Confidence? Hardly!

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Jack Jodell said...

Max's Dad,
You know a great deal about Paul Ruin. Thanks for giving us the ten commandments on how yjay jerk must not be elected VP!