Monday, August 20, 2012

Dimwit On A Stick!

I'd say that Hank Williams Jr was a waste of his Daddy's sperm but on the other hand he was probably conceived by a shot of morphine and whiskey in the first place. Hank Junior, living off Daddy's name and failing to live up to his Daddy's short life, performed at the Iowa State Fair in front of a crowd full of Steve King fans and announced that "we've got a Muslim president who hate farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him". Yeah soooooooooo..........

The cretins who actually spent money to listen to this boozehound waitress assaulter launched into that insipid "U S A U S A" chant that means you really have nothing to say. You know like when somebody asks Paul Ryan why he's such a fuckstick and the crowd can't answer and starts that chant. Hank Junior, who went on Fox & Friends (where believe it or not he was actually the smartest person on the set) earlier and compared Obama to Hitler (you lose!), is really a rummy with a lack of talent. His father wrote some great music and offed himself at age 30. This moonshine brain, as much as he tries, is 63 years old, writes music for the stupid , and still can't drink enough booze or take enough pills to die in a car while his half in the bag driver tries to get him to Des Moines to entertain the idiots out wandering around.

Hank Junior is a tool. A complete blowhard who once fell off a mountain and split his head open exposing his frontal lobe to cold air and probably a Saint Bernard licking it. Hank Junior once wrote a song called "If the South Woulda Won". Yeah and what if the South woulda actually gone to school? You wouldn't be such morans listening to this gin soaked white trash spouting off his dumbass lyrics. Hank actually got booted from ESPN, after his Fox & Friends screwup, from singing that annoying song before MNF and cried about his First Amendment rights being violated. Even your son, you know, that kid you spawned, told you to shut the fuck up.

But the worst thing about this Jagermeister sopped nitwit is the fact he is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Good gawd, Hank. I could forgive the vapid lyrics, the uninformed political rants, the waitress groping, the drinking and drugging, the total failure to whack yourself, but a fucking Steelers fan? Unforgivable!

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