Thursday, December 5, 2013

If I Answer, Do I Get A Participation Medal?

What is it with the millennials? Shit, I don't know what a millennial is. I guess it's a kid under the age of 30, probably drunk, playing Call of Duty and checking their Obama phone every 5 seconds. And for some reason, that bastion of intellectual thought all Republicans hate, Harvard, asked these kiddies a series of questions, in between jello shots of course.

Hey, the 18-30's don't like their precious King Obama any longer. Harrumph, see, Bill O'Reilly was right, children. That Nobama is a ineffective noodle dick and the Republican Congress is just looking out for your future by gumming up everything from lower interest student loans to jobs bills. You idiots were just too stupid to realize the genius that was Mittens Romney, hard working Harvard grad.

Let's examine this highly scientific poll. shall we? Looks like 52% of the 18-24 year olds want to "recall" Barry The Muslim Hussein Osama. Recall? Really? You can do that? I thought that was a tactic common only to hick towns and medium sized cities that long to be hick towns. Wow, ya learn something new every day. Oops, as these drunken sloths get a bit older, like 25-29, the percentage of them who want to sit outside a Wal Mart gathering signatures to recall the Kenyan Usurper they all voted for drops to 40%. Seems you get wiser as you age. Unless of course you join the tea party and then your brain just turns to mush.

So I guess all the youngsters , still insured on the old man's plan to age 26, still with that $20,000 they borrowed from Mommy and Daddy to start a business, cannot stand that Indonesian Madrasa graduate at all. Here's your opening Republicans. The kids are open for indoctrination with all their Obama hatred and stuff.

What's that? The little ingrates said what? Seems 60% of the little bastards 18-29 voted for the Marxist, Obama not the Pope. 84% of those would vote for him again (though I am not sure they realize they can't) because they still understand that Mittens Romney was the boss they never ever want to work for . And this was said through a haze of pot smoke and binge drinking.

So there, Republicans. Keep coming up with stiffs like Mittens, Teddy Cruz (Daddy Issues-Canada) or , god forbid, Rand Paul (Muskrat Head- Ky) and these stoned, drunk millennials will keep on being all confusing to you guys. And all the giant headed Uncle Sams sticking his face in a young hotties crotch or giving away beer koozies with a call to break the law isn't going to help.

Somebody hit Reset. That solves everything, right?

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