Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Tin Soldier Rides Away!

Hey I know Peter O'Toole was a better actor, in better movies, and probably drank better but Billy Jack kicked more redneck ass in the movies and in 1971 that was more important to me.

Tom Laughlin died Thursday at age 82. Shit, I thought Billy Jack was indestructible. Well he is, but Tom Laughlin isn't. So long ,Tom, you gave me hours and hours of fun at the old Cinema Center movie theater when we would go see Billy Jack every freakin weekend back in '71.

And so long to Peter O'Toole. Seeing Lawrence of Arabia about 20 years ago on a Cinerama screen at the old Indian Hills Theater was one of the best movie going experiences I've ever had. They closed that place to build a parking lot years ago. Seeing a movie adventure like Lawrence of Arabia on a huge screen cannot happen any longer cuz corporate movie chains would never allow just one screen because 5 screens running Anchorman 2 constantly is what it's all about now.


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