Friday, December 13, 2013


1)Christ, America's most rocking psychopath is turning 65 years old today. Welcome to Taker Land to Ted Nugent where you too have become a Medicare sucking teabagger. Nugent, who is not in jail nor dead as far as I know, recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the NRA's favorite holiday, the Sandy Hook child slaughter, by scribbling another incoherent column for World Nut Daily and blaming the victim. Hey, had Adam Lanza's dead mother not taught him how to shoot, well then he'd have missed a lot and only a few would have been massacred. Well anyway, Happy Birthday to this poopy pantsed draft dodging shit for brains. And you're welcome for the health care.

2) Movies are better than ever (except for that upcoming go the fuck away already Anchorman 2) and one that had me running the gamut of emotions from anger to tears was Dallas Buyers Club. Hey this may not be cool to say, but Matthew McConaughey is one goddamned good actor. Playing a redneck asshole who weighs about 120 pounds and contracts HIV back in 1985, McConaughey, who is virtually unrecognizable, is beyond good in this 2 hour film. The theme may be about the stigma of AIDS in the 1980's but the real story is the transformation of a jerk with no purpose to a jerk with a purpose. McConaughey's Oscar worthy performance is supported by another Oscar worthy performance by Jared Leto as Rayon, a transsexual with drug problems and by Jennifer Garner as a sympathetic doctor who helps these two get unapproved drugs from abroad for AIDS patients fed up with the FDA and its sucking up to Big Pharma. Hey, this movie isn't easy to watch at times but when it's over, damn, you got your money's worth.

3)Pope Francis is going all commie again with his whole help the poor spiel that so pisses off Catholic conservatives convinced white Jesus voted for Mitt Romney's ancestor, King Herod Romney, back in 0-30. Pope Francis early released his message for the new year by stressing brotherhood and sharing the wealth and all that stuff $30,000 a year Republicans are always bitching about. Come on, everybody, we all know that white Jesus was a big trickle down guy who taught the masses to just wait and wait and eventually Caesar's job creating will get to Nazareth and they would all be the crucifiers instead of the crucified. Hey. Pope, I still think the whole Catholicism thing is a misogynistic, homophobic crock of shit, but everytime you speak, a little bit of my repressed Catholicism gets restless. Be careful, Pope, cuz we all know what happened after white Jesus threw the Wall Street types out of the temple.

4)Finally, rest in peace to Loretta Fuddy, state health director in Hawaii who was killed in a plane crash. Ohhhhhhhh really? Fuddy was the state official who verified Barry Hussein Nobama's birth certificate back in 2011 and sent Birthers even deeper into their own mental illnesses. She also helped create Hawaii's Obammycare exchange (cue yelling and screaming about clusterfucks). So of course, Obama had her killed. This according to straw haired reality star
Donald Trump and Russian "dentist" Orly Taitz. Yep, in the twisted minds of Obama haters, the woman who helped him out in both birth certificate nonsense and the complete 100% horribly failed Obamacare was murdered by him.

Why again, in between panels debating fictional characters skin color, does the liberal media even mention these people's names? Oh yeah, because Americans are getting dumber by the day. Say, has Sarah Palin said anything about that terrorist Mandingo yet?

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