Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jack Kingston, All American Asshat!

And one more thing. If Phil Robertson the Duck Blower thinks he's all alone vying for Asshole of the Week, meet Rep Jack Kingston (Dog Molester-Ga). Representative Kingston, a frequent guest moron on Bill Maher, said that poor children should not get free lunches unless they kick in a dime or a quarter or grab a broom a sweep shit up because they have to learn that there is no free lunch, unless of course you're a congressman getting handjobs and lunch from lobbyists.

Kingston, who apparently likes watching his fellow Georgian Bob Barr (Half Black-Ga) make out with a bulldog, wants to be the Republican Senate nominee from Georgia in 2014 by being an even bigger dick than Paul Broun (Creationism Weirdo-Ga)a) or Karen Handel (Die Slut Die-Ga), the fireplug who almost single handedly killed the Susan B Komen Foundation by fucking around with Planned Parenthood by denying funding for pap smears and mammograms and commie shit like that.

So far, Jack, it's a close race to see who can be more dickish, but after today, you may actually be in the lead. Yeah you kids over in the sand with flies buzzing your head, get your asses to work. And consider yourselves lucky your mama didn't abort you. Jack says so.

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