Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Cat!

Is there anything happier than this cat? I don't think so.

Sports mascots can be great. Sports mascots can be horrible. I still have nightmares over the Florida Atlantic Owl and that flat headed Wisconsin Badger. Coming from a state whose mascots include a flea bitten mangy farmer, a blow up bubble boy, a crazed Bluejay and a cow, I appreciate a good mascot.

The NFL doesn't have a lot of mascots because, well it's a professional league not some bush league rah rah college league. That long haired Viking is ok. A piece of cheese on your head is not. That creepy horsehead in Denver is awful. The felons who congregate at Raider games are great, since the authorities know where they are for that 4 hours. Those guys dressed like Revolutionary War soldiers at Patriot games are cool, unless I'm mistaking them for some tea party freaks who like football.

But that cat at Bengal games. Damn, he's a happy cat. That enthusiasm is catchy. Look at him and I dare you not to smile. It makes me want to feed him some milk. Or perhaps top off his Jack Daniels cuz now that I think about it, no mascot is ever that happy unless it's half in the bag. Or smoking some catnip. Shit, in fact, Go Chargers!

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