Friday, November 29, 2013

Lil Bo Weeps!

They should have known this back in 2003 when then Nebraska defensive coordinator Bo Pelini ran across the field after Kansas State had slammed Nebraska 38-9 and called K State head coach Bill Snyder an "asshole".

They should have known back in 2003 when acting Nebraska Head Football Coach (Frank Solich had been fired)Bo Pelini ran onto the field at the Alamo Bowl and garnered an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty defending, of all people, Husker offensive lineman Richie Incognito.

They should have known after Pelini had been hired at Nebraska full time back in 2008 when Pelini was caught by a sideline mike calling a Husker lineman a "fucking moron" during a WIN over Baylor.

They should have known in 2009 when Pelini hollered at reporters at a practice his famous "what do you think?" when asked perfectly normal questions.

They should have known in 2009 when Pelini, after a loss to Texas, screamed he wanted to see the Big 12 Commissioner "right fucking now" and hinted of a conspiracy to deprive Nebraska of a win.

They certainly should have know in 2010 when Pelini was caught on the sidelines at Texas A&M screaming at his quarterback, poking his finger in his chest, and sneering like Voldemort.

They certainly should have known in 2011 when after a WIN over Ohio State, in fact the biggest comeback ever in Nebraska history, Pelini ran off the field screaming at fans and later went on a recorded rant criticizing fans who left early by saying "Fuck Em all" and saying how "they can kiss my ass out the fucking door cuz the day is fucking coming now." Speculation is Bo thought he had the Ohio State job. Oops!

And now they certainly know in 2013 when in his last game as Nebraska Head Football Coach, Pelini swung his hat at an official, called the subsequent penalty a "chicken shit call" and told his boss, Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst "if they wanna fire me, fire me". Oh yeah, and he lost 38-17 to Iowa in Lincoln, and event so rare it hasn't happened since 1943.

We don't have much here in Nebraska as far as sports go. We are a polite people who applaud the other team and scream for our own team. We do not need a knuckle dragging neanderthal with the social graces of a Visigoth being the face of this football program.

Well Bo, you will get your wish soon enough. The day has fucking come when you go out the fucking door. The only wish you are not about to get is anybody here kissing your ass as you go out the fucking door.

P.S. Apparently there isn't anything you can do to get fired around here as NU's puppet athletic director, under orders from Tom Osborne, has decided to allow a raving lunatic to continue being the face of Nebraska football. Nice.

P.P.S. Bo Pelini "apologized" for his childish behavior for the umpteenth time. So I guess it's all OK now. The collective black eye this state gets everytime Bo decides to hit us will heal. I knew he loved us and only hits us cuz he loves us. Nebraska, the world's biggest abused codependent. Nice.

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