Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boom Bitch!

Go fuck yourself, Mitch McConnell. You screwed around too goddamned long with even this wuss of a Senate. And you got nuked. So stick that in your turtle shell and chew on it for awhile. Yeah yeah yeah, the Dems will rue the day they told you to stick your filibustering bullshit up your poopchute but for now, get ready for a shitload of liberal judges to fuck up your quest to turn America into corporate controlled Jesus Land.

Nobody feels sorry for your loss, Mitch. Just the chronic Black Guy in the White House crowd you suck off on a regular basis. Blocking hundreds of bills and appointments by filling out a piece of paper telling everybody you are filibustering is over. Chrissakes, at least that scumbucket Ted Cruz (Hoser-Tx) had the balls to yak and yak about nothing for 21 hours and that fake optometrist Rand Paul (Copycat-Ky)carried on about drones for a long period of time. You and the rest of your Republican fucksticks didn't have the energy or intelligence to even stand there and read The Fountainhead for the time you were filibustering some guy or gal you wanted to keep off the courts so your neanderthal snake handlers could keep upholding bills to harass women and minorities.

I don't give a shit that at some point if the Republicans get 51 Senators they will do the same thing. Of course they will. These grifters and hucksters aren't about to play by the rules. Never would, never will. This current band of rubes and thieves that make up the Republican Senate are hell bent on destroying Nobama in some sort of perverted hope that white people will all start having 15 kids and restore the republic to what the Founding Fathers had in mind. White Malekastan.

Gotta give it up to the old pugilist, Harry Reid. I guess even the punching bag gets sick of being hit by 98 pound weaklings like that Kentucky shitstain Mitch McConnell. Way to punch back. Finally.

Now maybe I can realize my dream of Bill Ayres getting a judicial seat and making that fucking Sarah Palin's head explode.

I just sobered up. What did I say?

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