Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dead Dog!

I don't watch Family Guy. Something about waiting an entire half hour waiting for the one joke that actually makes me so utterly ashamed to have laughed just isn't worth it.

But if I hear one more wacky morning Dee jay or some dimwit lamenting the death of a cartoon dog and wanting people to sign a petition to save him, I am going to run out on front of a car myself.

Hey everybody, IT IS A FUCKING CARTOON. It has a talking baby with an English accent and a time machine. It has a fat guy so stupid he makes James Sensenbrenner (Family Guy-Wi) look smart AND skinny.

Family Guy, the show that simply takes every joke told on The Simpsons ever and pushes it over the edge, is the kind of show that appeals to the terminally hip. You know that "hip" guy. The guy who finds network television not edgy enough, the guy who watches Game of Thrones for the boobies, the guy who poo poos the Simpsons for being stale, yet finds the same jokes beaten over his head by a different dumb fat guy hilarious. The guy who rooted for Walter White and Vic Mackie was actually sad when Clay died in Sons of Anarchy. Oh yeah, he watches Sons of Anarchy too.

Once again, it's a goddamned cartoon! That stupid dog could be back next week you idiots. Chrissakes, the geniuses at South Park have been killing off a major character every week for years.

Family Guy is ANYTHING but hip.

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