Saturday, November 16, 2013

Worst Media Ever!

Right wingers are so flummoxed that the black guy is STILL President they have now resorted to tactics that would bring retaliation if done by a foreign power like, oh I don't know, Iran.

The Homeland Security Committee, led by some Republican gigolo named Michael McCaul (Golddigger-Tx), has been holding hearings on how evil and all non secure that the Affordable Care Act website has become and how poor people can get into it and cause havoc by actually signing up for health insurance. But in questioning a Homeland Security official named Roberta Stempfly, McCaul somehow stumbled into a charge that right wing geeks, nerds and deadbeats have been hacking into the website to overload and stop the website from functioning. The video is on youtube if you want to check it out and see how tea bagger nutjobs have been passing along a tool to fellow butt crack show offs so they can overload the site and crash it. This method of crashing the website is named "Destroy Obamacare". How subtle. Maybe at some point the lamestream liberal media can actually tell this story instead of calling Nobama a fucking liar, telling stories of how rich people had their premiums go up, and how Betty Lou had her $10 a month policy that covers only injuries suffered while actually exercising got cancelled by an private insurance company looking to profit off of this law in the first place.

McCaul (Cad-Tx), the chairman, inadvertently staggered into this story while counting his wife's money and gloating over the fact he's now the wealthiest member of Congress thanks to wifey's Clear Chanel bucks she got from Daddy. Chairman Mike, who earlier this year got all puffy over the fact that Boston Police and the FBI actually read Dzhokhar Tsarneav, the white hatted marathon bomber who brought a city of millions to its knees, his Miranda rights. McCaul said something like "Why down theahh in Texas we just beat confessions out of them minorities suhhhhhhh!" McCaul is also one of those Catholics who think the Pope is a commie. Help the poor, bahhhhhhh!

Keep ignoring sabotage, news guys and gals. We know you're lazy fucks, but for chrissakes, how long can extensive coverage of a crack smoking uncensored foreign mayor be that shiny object you cannot get enough of..oooooo pretty.

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