Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bad Dog!

I am not about to dis the nation's first black prez, Bill Clinton, but if you are the Secretary of Explainin' Stuff, then goddammit, explain it correctly. The Big Dog is out there spouting off about his interpretation of Obammycare and how Nobama needs to "honor the commitment" and let Americans keep their shitty health care plans that pay $10 if you get scurvy, leprosy or need a good bleedin'.

Clinton is pushing forward the ignorance that Obummer is sitting in the sacred Oval Office with his feet up on the desk personally stamping "Cancelled, Motherfucker!" on all these crappy health plans sold by scam artists called insurance agents. Now I refuse to believe that the Secretary of Splainin' Shit is ignorant about anything except what sex is so why? Why, Bubba? Do you wish to separate Hillary from the looming disaster of a second term of Benghazi Barack? Are you just pissed it's not called "Hillarycare"? What's up, Bill?

Shhh, Bill, those crap plans are being cancelled by the people who made them. Private insurance companies. They have a guy in a short sleeved shirt and Mickey Mouse tie with his feet up on the desk stamping them with "Cancelled, Motherfucker!" So if somebody is crying about their $8 a month "insurance" plan that pays out in beer they really need to get a clue. And you, Big Dog, are the man to explain it, not lie about it.

Bad Dog!

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