Friday, November 22, 2013

Mad Dog Vachon!

What a sad day. Mad Dog Vachon passed away in his sleep yesterday. If you have no idea who Mad Dog Vachon is, congratulations, your childhood IQ was intact. However, mine was heavily damaged by the chicanery of old school professional wrestling, AWA Style. Mad Dog Vachon was one who never failed to stir up the old "hey he can't do that it's against the rules" natural reaction kids have, and sadly some adults, to some guy acting like a loon and beating another guy with a "foreign object" he pulled from his trunks. Katie bar the door!!!!

Mad Dog Vachon was 84. He had one leg since some drunk ran him over back in the 80's.

The story was that back in 1996 in Omaha, the new type of wrestling, full of hopheads and drug addicts who will all die at 40, came to town and Mad Dog was sitting ringside. Some guy named Diesel came out of the stands, dragged Mad Dog into the ring and began to beat him with his prosthetic leg. Damn, I wish I wouldn't have been an adult then because of course I wasn't there. That would have been cool.

I know of a guy whose young son saw Mad Dog at the South Omaha Hy Vee once and said hey Dad, is that Mad Dog Vachon? When told yes, the young boy approached Vachon, said Hi and Mad Dog IMMEDIATELY launched into character thrilling that kid for the rest of his life. Damn, I wish I wasn't an adult because that would have been cool too.

Mad Dog Vachon. Just thinking about him makes me a kid again. Thanks.

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