Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trey Grams Please!

Right Wing hip hop conservatives rock! Representative Trey Radel (Coke Fiend-Fl) put on 1 year of probation for his being a fan of the nose candy while voting time after time to repeal Obamacare and deny people the right to go to rehab like he can courtesy of the taxpayers. You know the taxpayers? The ones who have to get second jobs just so they can pay the taxes and support 47% (or 52% or whatever the fuck it is now) of the Americans who sit around all day playing X Box and smoking the bad cocaine, the crack? Yeah those people.

Rep. Trey Radel (Cokehead-Fl) got caught in a little sting last October when he got nabbed buying about $250 worth of the blow somewhere near DuPont Circle (THAT could be a whole new story I hope I hope I hope)from some liberal narc bent on destroying his sparkling reputation as Tea Party dopewhore. Radel (Speed Freak-Fl), once described himself as a "hip hop conservative" who listens to Chuck D. Really? Listen? I think hip hop conservatives just claim to listen to rap so they can holler out the N bomb and not get fucked up because burnouts like Trey Radel (Junkie-Fl) obviously have never listened to a word Chuck D has said.

Radel (Waistoid-Fl) also voted to drug test all Food Stamp recipients and worst of all, used to harangue South Florida with his coked up rants (I assume) on some radio station about how Nobama was ruining the country and how drug dealers needed to go to jail, right after they visited his house. Radel (Head-Fl) blamed his "choice" on alcoholism. Yep, cuz nothing goes with a depressant like a line of two of the old foo foo dust.

Yes, good old hip hop conservative Trey "the Rock" Radel (Sniff Monster-Fl) sitting in his taxpayer funded $20,000 per day rehab center reading Ayn Rand and listening to his Grandmaster Flash and Chuck D. Hey Trey (Snowbird-Fl) check out "Night of The Living Baseheads" by Public Enemy. You see Chuck D was the lead singer for that group. Try listening this time.

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