Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Apprentice Politician!

Trump on abortion. Christ only knows how many that pig has paid for over the years but yesterday's yeah throw the sluts in jail answer to a barking dog's question was just so Trump. First of all you know he didn't mean any of it, as the frayed cards in his diseased brain flipped as he struggled to answer as he thinks his dopey followers think he should. There have to be consequences. Then as the yapping yorkie continued to yip and yip and as Trump tried to go to the Catholic card to trip up the ankle biter, the inevitable happened. Trump became Trump. Unable to shut the fuck up. Insert Made in China shoe into tiny lil Trump mouth.'

And the shitstorm started. How dare he say that? Women need to be punished for having an abortion? Harrumph! What a tone deaf jerk. It was so loud as professional yappers argued and told us how this was it, Trump was done, he'd alienated too many women now. The politicians jumped in even louder. Hillary was shocked beyond belief, so shocked she wanted a whole dollar from me. Bernie was like hey give me $5, Max's Dad, like he does everyday at least twice. Ted Cruz was like boy that Donald is not really conservative is he? Guess cuz Trump didnt want to stone women was a dead giveaway. Kasich, the adult, pretended he gave a damn right before he went off to further defund Planned Parenthood.

Yeah it was such a shitstorm that the only place you heard about it was on cable TV where the old reporters go to die and on talk radio where the untalented radio faces go to die. Everybody else? Don't care. Trump is a freak show. Doing a 180 on anything aint news with this guy. It's expected. The only thing Trump stays consistent on is how fucking great he is.

So calm down. Trump can say whatever he wants and the bigots and tough guys who follow him don't care. It's been proven time after time. Trump says something stupid, or arrogant, or bigoted, or sexist, and his numbers go nowhere but up, He's like Archie Bunker for 2016. There's a lot of people who don't get the joke. So stifle.

And besides let's face it. Cruz would turn America in The Handmaid's Tale if he got a chance. Kasich would also, but be really adult about it. Trump would change his mind so much it wouldn't matter what he said. Congress would just shrug and go about it's business while Trump was busy entertaining his dumbass fans.

Geezus I can't believe I'm even talking about this. The over/under on how many states any of theses 3 yahoos lose is 40. So keep talking ,Donald. It entertains your nitwit supporters, keeps Hillary and Bernie laughing, drives Cruz & Kasich crazy, and keeps the talking heads employed.

Chrissakes, Trump saying something outrageous happens almost as often as a mass shooting. At least his loud blathering doesnt' kill anything. Just wounds the sensitive ears of the professionally outraged. The media.

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