Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Posing For Selfies With Dormitory Posters!

Oh........my........God......The President has finally admitted he's a commie revolutionary, born in Kenya, fathered by Frank Marshall Davis , brought up in madrassas, secretly a gay hooker, is both a Muslim AND a radical Christian . Jesus H Christ everyone, how could you not have seen it for the last 8 years? By posing in front of a mural of a guy that every hip college student in the 1970's onward has at one time or another had a poster , worn a t shirt or admired as a rebel against the man, man, without knowing anything about him other than he's a cool looking dude and wears a fly hat, the Prez has totally admitted he's a commie. Now I understand a lot of college kids never had a Che' hat, poster or t shirt, not because they were devotees of good old American white bread Republican politics, but because they thought Che Guevara was that Mexican joint that has super Thursday night margarita specials. But that President Obama? He knew. He believed. He's a commie. So totally underground, like Che, that he pretended to be Wall Street's bitch for the last 7 1/2 years just to lure us into his evil plan to fluoridate all the lead infused water we are forced to drink, thanks to the EPA the Republicans want to get rid of but now blame for not enforcing the regulations they oppose on lead water.

The right wing is just so funny. Sitting around listening to talk radio phonies read the Heritage Foundation talking points they get e mailed to their AOL accounts each morning. Hating all things black, Obama. Becoming outraged at everything that black President and his black family does, hating all things about that black First Lady who has the audacity to be black classless, unlike those nice white Republican first ladies who were nothing but white class and really dedicated to causes we all can believe in, like saying no to drugs, and reading and being white classy.

Oh now, posing in front of a giant mural of a college kids BFF is no sin except to the people who hate the Prez for being black a Demoncrat commie because that diminutive troll Mark Levin told them he was. How dare he? What kind of President does that, pays tribute to a murderous regime of bloodthirsty killers and freedom oppressors?


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