Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruzin For Babes!

Watching Uncle Ted and Uncle Don fight is really getting entertaining. Trump tweets pictures of his foreign non English speaking latest spouse next to the sneering photo of the woman repelled by Ted Cruz but still legally forced to call herself his spouse and states in that oh so classy Trumpian way....A picture is worth a thousand words. I guess we should be happy that twitter still limits this diarrhea mouthed short fingered vulgarian (loved it since 1988 thanks Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen) to 140 characters or a thousand words would not be sufficient.

Lindsey Graham (R-The Smart Carolina for once) has just given up. Senator Foghorn basically stated Trump and Cruz are both awful humans but one didn't give out my cell phone number so fuck that guy and I am endorsing that other asshole I hate too oh fuck it I'm voting for Hillary.

Meanwhile that bastion of journalism, and I am not kidding compared to the lapdogs of the mainstream media we are forced to endure, The National Enquirer, has claimed that Joe McCarthy Ted Cruz has up to five mistresses. Ewwwww.....Five women actually let that creep touch them and ewwwwwwww.......Get the thought out of my head. One of the alleged "mistresses" is female short fingered vulgarian-ette and Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson? Wow, now that would be an affair to remember. Christ, that tape..ewwwwwww........stop.

The fact remains here that The Republican party has two of it's worst choices perhaps ever. Thanks to their voters, a bag of dicks created by this party over the last 50 years, the country club set has been set on fire. A crass, horny, sneering vulture and Donald Trump. There's your choice, Republican voter, thanks. Whaaaaaaa? You are happy with that choice? One is a "businessman" with plans to make America white great again and other than that nuthin, and the other a fucking suicide bomber bent on blowing up the entire nation and anything that gets in his way, apparently with a few pit stops along the way. But the folks who have crawled out from under their rocks since the election of President Blackenstein are too strong now and too many now and the country club set has failed to rein them in with smooth talkers like their last 30 or so nominees who promise to be white centric, stop all white Gerber babies from being "murdered" by their slut mothers, give every white guy a free gun to shoot black teens with, keep 'Merca safe from brown terrorists, forget about the white ones, they're just mentally ill, kick everybody not white off welfare, and pump up the "gutted" military with even more shit even they don't want. Meanwhile, just ignore all that previous bullshit and do what you are told,make the rich richer and the poor poorer and just blame the "Democrat" party. Hey. it's worked for 50 years, what the fuck happened now?

Ted Cruz may or may not have been banging around with these women, I have no idea nor do I really care. After this guy gets caught slamming this woman I am just baffled by everything. So Uncle Ted, you and Uncle Don just keep it up. Let the jackals of the celebrity media take a shot at this for a change because the alleged journalists of the mainstream media have failed miserably as usual.

One more thing. Though I hate guns, what they do, who has them, the whole shitstorm surrounding them and again who loves them, I have to say that for the first time in my life, I love guns. So all you gun control pussies, butt out this time cuz this could be fantastic.......Trump delegates and Cruz delegates openly carrying guns at the Republican convention? Yes! Oh gawd Yes! Please put your anti gun bias aside and sign this petition which means absolutely nothing unless you are a psycho with no sense whatsoever, like me.

Can you imagine? Now for once those other thoughts have left my head and I see a gun battle in Cleveland, Oh yes......what......ewwwwwwwwwww...........those other thoughts came back.

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