Saturday, March 12, 2016

Friday Night Raw!

This has all happened before. The white rage, the white fright, the white embracing of a demagogue who means none of what he spews. George Wallace was Donald Trump back in 1968. Capitalizing on the civil rights gains, the baby boomers getting all freedom-ee and listening to that hippie music and smoking that stuff and Afros, Wallace, the Guv-nah of Alabama who had famously stood in the schoolhouse door to keep the blacks out for an extra 5 minutes or so, was on a roll. The former 1950's socialist populist who was beaten by a segregationist in his first election and had vowed to never be out-n*****d again was running his own third party Presidential campaign in a surrender to his own con man instincts, his own ego, and maybe a bit of good old American love of violence, came to sleepy Omaha back in March of 1968 and the shit hit the fan. Yep, right here in Omaha.

Wallace caused a fracas at the Omaha University when a brawl broke out among students and Wallace security forces. Later that night at the Omaha Civic Auditorium, more brawls broke out, chairs were thrown, people got arrested, people got hurt, and Wallace went onstage and denounced the "militants, activists, Communists and revolutionaries". words right up the alley of pissed off white people.

News reports stated the following:

"Wallace delayed his entrance for nearly an hour while tempers flared from the front rows where some of Wallace’s most fervent supporters were seated. After Wallace came out to a thunderous ovation the protesters got busy and jeered nearly every word.

Soon some of the protesters began tearing up their signs and throwing the bits of paper and stick at Wallace.

Police moved in to clear the aisles and suddenly the floor erupted in violence as Wallace supporters began hitting the trapped protesters with the metal chairs. The bloody battling continued outside the Arena where $1,200 worth of windows were broken. Before the night was over the Near North Side of Omaha was in riot.

Thirteen people went to the hospital with injuries and a 16 year-old was shot to death by police attempting to break in to a pawn shop. Horace Mann Jr. High had 50 windows broken out."

Yeah Omaha, 1968.

And Chicago, 2016.

So this isn't new. Donald Trump is another con artist massaging his own ego, grifting people out of their morality, and causing a shitstorm while doing it. Donald Trump believes nothing of what he says. But his voters, pissed off, not that bright, not that clued in, and definitely racists, refuse to get the joke. And Trump, driving along in traffic honking his horn, has suddenly found himself way out front and sort of likes it. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Look, Donald Trump isn't going to be President ever. If the GOP nominates this phony, they will regret it and the problem is they know it. But the motherfucker is so far out there in front, the police pursuit may be too late. Personally, I feel Trump will slow down enough to be caught because ,come on, he doesn't want this any more than 90% of the rest of America. But once caught, Trump wins again. Because he can then become the center of attention without doing anything. And this, like Wallace, is what it's all about. Attention to a whore. Trump is a whore and Wallace was a whore.

The demise of Trump is coming, whether by his own hand or by the Republican assassins. But it is coming.

And oh yeah, remember when Bernie Sanders gave up the mike to a couple of BLM loudmouths? He had enough and left? Trump crowed about how that would nevahhhh happen at his rallies, he'd fight for that mike, Sanders is a wimp, Trump is tough. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Last night in Chicago, Trump proved to be the real creampuff. He didn't even show up. Fuck this guy and his act. Keep it up. Silence this creep. Maybe he'll just go away like he did last night.

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Jerry Critter said...

There are a lot of similarities in the campaigns of Wallace and Trump, both in tactics and followers.