Saturday, March 5, 2016

Feelin The Bern!

A whole lot of years back I voted for the first time and learned what the term "fall in love in the primaries and fall in line in November" meant. It is a great saying and now it still means something to me. I have no intention of falling in line to support a former first lady, a former United States Senator and a former Secretary of State. I have no intention of falling in line to support a Wall Street stooge, a person who will say anything to get votes, a person I feel would start wars to prove how tough she is, a person who still gives a shit what Republican creeps who hate her think. No way man. Because I am in love with Bernie Sanders.

Today I will go to some overcrowded school auditorium, with the other 10 or so Nebraska Democrats and caucus for Bernie Sanders. And who else will be there, swooning over a 74 year old man with a new England accent? Max. Max votes today for the first time like I did lots and lots of years ago. Max loves Bernie Sanders, The idealism of youth. I am so freakin jealous of the real youthful enthusiasm of supporting a candidate the powers that be dismiss as a "socialist" as they busily look for tax breaks and drive to their coffee kiosks on public roads while passing fire stations and public schools and did I mention the tax breaks they find? That idealism is so wonderful. Eventually it will turn to cynicism of course, but for now it is so wonderful to watch.

If Max supports a winner today, and Bernie Sanders will win Nebraska, lets hope that later on, as Bernie gets fucked over by the DNC and the Clinton machine that the disappointment doesn't destroy that idealism. At least for a while. My idealism went on life support with the re election of Saint Ronald of the House of Reagan. I wasn't yet 30. But for Max, a political junkie like his old man, let's hope the win today will keep the interest up and the bitterness of what's to come down. Man, do I sound pessimistic or what?

My list of ex lovers from Democratic primaries is longer than Donald Trump's imaginary schlong. I mean who remembers these people except me? Frank Church, Ted Kennedy, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, Jerry Brown, Bill Bradley, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Bernie Sanders. I am the Chicago Cubs of the Democratic primary league. And I dont expect to finally back a winner this year either.

So for today, I am still in love with Bernie Sanders. I have no intention of walking to a corner full of old white people yapping about a woman president and how much a corporate stooge cares about them. Nope, I'll be in the corner with the kids, yapping about "free" college and throwing the entire population of Wall Street in a cage where they belong. Yes, I am blindly in love again. And until I have to, I refuse to fall in line. Yet. I'm feelin the Bern, baby. I'll take the shots in the ass later.

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