Monday, March 14, 2016

A Drifter And A Grifter!

Todd Palin got bad news on two fronts today. One, he busted 8 ribs in one of those snow machine accidents, probably because there isn't any snow in Alaska anymore, and then got the real bad news, that his shrieking wife is coming home to sit at his bedside and make him hope for a long operation. What the fuck, Bristol AND Sarah sitting bedside. More propofol, please.

But before she went back to Alaska to make poor Todd's life miserable again, she shilled a bit for the madman winning the Republican primaries in unbelievably easy fashion. In her classic knife on metal screech, she took on the "punk ass thuggery" going on at Trump rallies. Oh not from 78 year old punk ass thugs cheap shotting protesters, but from the guy who got cheap shotted. "Punk ass thuggery" is such a Sarah Palin shriek. An taking shots at the media "Hey media what da heck you thinkin?" for being on the "thugs" side. Now we ALL know what "thug" means to those old white dumb hicks who attend Trump rallies. Christ, Sarah, why not drop a N bomb ending in an A, yer so kewl.

Just when you think the 2016 version of The Music Man can't get any worse, it does. Chris Christie, get out, man, insulted by Trump at a rally in Ohio, reduced to being introduced by an Alaska grifter in Florida. Oh my, Chris, how much more can you take before you take a bat to the knee of the guy who advised you to kiss the reality show host's orange ass. Probably the same guy who thought it would be fun to teach that Democratic mayor a thing or two by closing down the Bridge Too Far.

What comes tomorrow? For Todd Palin, pain! Lots and lots of pain.

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