Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Burn Baby Burn!

Now that two psycho suicidal criminals have blown themselves to smithereens and taken 30 or so innocents with them, again, and has made scaredy cat America piss its pants, again, and the American criminal class (no not Wall Street this time, the politicians) has taken over, again, let's all step back and take a look at what is going on here. One more thing, man it is such a shame that Americans become positively baby like when some whack job brainwashed by killers and con artists forfeits their own life shooting up places and bombing places overseas and thinks eh whattya gonna do when some American loser decides to slaughter 6 year olds or shoot up a temple or kill employees of a women's health center or shoot a congresswoman or murder people having fun at a movie premiere or to shoot an innocent reporter on live TV or blast non Jews at a Jewish Center or blah blah blah....there aren't enough words to keep going. Oh it's just depressing, but just keep fondling those guns folks. its yer freedom and right I guess.

The politicians, specifically the Republicans, have again hardly taken an evil breath before hopping on the cynical train pulling out of the station and chugging off to Bigotville.

Donald Trump, the scarecrow haired weasel who has captivated the moron vote and kind of started his own version of the Blackshirts, jumped onto the it's all Obama's fault and Hillary's fault and he'd get real tough and we need to build a giant wall and man is that WaPo editorial board chick hot. Now ya all know Trump is full of shit, he doesn't want to win this thing, he cannot wait to lose so he can go back to making money and being a reality show host and he knows nothing about anything, just like his supporters. But Trump keeps winning. Winning a primary full of leather faced Arizona Republicans who think Sheriff Joe is the second coming of Wyatt Earp (the fictional Earp, not the one who took yer guns away) really isn't that difficult but its a winner take all deal so he gets closer to his own nightmare, winning a majority of delegates and not having to call for riots. Trump is a clown, we all know that, and his twitter feed is priceless, of course, but to the 45% of Republican voters who just can't get the joke he is a legitimate candidate who will make America white great again. Personally I have always hoped he wins this nomination. He's an unarmed candidate. He has no real knowledge of anything. Everything will be terrific or great. No specifics, just simple solutions that simple minds can grasp. Jesus, he is such a loooooooozer in November. I know letting Trump come close to the White House is getting dangerously close to the sun, but I am confident no sane human being will vote for this reluctant candidate. Old white men, old white women, and the dumb are in his corner. There really isn't enough of them to make a difference.

Ted Cruz on the other hand is far more dangerous than Trump. Calling for police patrols of "Muslim neighborhoods" whatever the fuck that is. Cruz sees to think the United States is Europe where there actually are Muslim neighborhoods. Cruz seems to think a lot of things that just aint true. He recently hired one Frank Gaffney, a notorious crazy man who thinks the Muslims are taking over everything in American gubmint thanks to Obummer. Cruz went on CNN yesterday to push his talking points over and over to notorious CNN bland man Anderson Cooper, who despite his vanillaness, actually kept asking Cruz what the fuck he was talking about. Cruz is hated by everyone in politics. He is a lone wolf out to destroy everything that gets into his weird path. He has about as much chance as Trump, but him winning the nomination is definitely getting too close to the sun.

Cruz and Trump really do hate each other. There is no doubt about that. What with Trump threatening to "spill the goods" on Cruz's strange wife and Cruz retorting with the coward card, what more entertaining can happen? This will be fun, until one of them actually wins.

I don't fear Trump. He's a bully and a loudmouth with more skeletons in his closet than a storefront Halloween store. But Cruz, this guy is a true believer. Cruz is smarter than Trump. He is also a bigger liar than Trump. His lies are much more coherent than Trumps. He says climate change is a hoax, that the IRS should be abolished, that Christians are being crucified in Iraq, that same sex marriage is evil, that the constitution is inspired by gawwwwd, that anybody can have a gun, that thePlanned Parenthood killer was a "trans gendered leftist", that Obamacare is a job killer, that all criminals are Democrats and on and on and on. Cruz lies like it's his greatest asset. He does it so smoothly and for the dummies who don't like the thuggery of Trump, he cons them into his campaign.

And now, because Trump has insulted the hierarchy of the Republican party into apoplexy, they are forced to endorse a creep like Cruz. Mittens Romney has done it, and now Jeb! has been forced to endorse this slimy goof Cruz. It's becoming very personal in this dying party. Lindsey Graham's ringing endorsement of Cruz was still the most classic. Yeah Cruz sucks, but Trump sucks worse. Classic.

It has all the looks of a self contained fire. Burn it down and start over again in 2020. Burn baby burn!

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