Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Are YOU Doing Over Here?

Jumpin Jehosaphat I am so confused over this whole should we or shouldn't we send a couple of cruise missiles someplace into Syria so that everything goes back to normal and people kill each other with RPG's and tanks and machine guns instead of that nasty poison gas.

My boy, errrr, man, President Obama wants to do just that. Send a couple or ten cruise missiles that are just sittin around gathering dust and not having to be replenished by some down on its luck defense contractor like Raytheon, into Syria and send a message to Rush Limbaugh's BFF, Bashar Al-Assad. What that message says is something like 'Hey Ratface, stop with the Sarin gas shit given to you by some unnamed British company, you weren't supposed to actually use it!! Duh!!"
I generally oppose such endeavors as being useless and simply done to enrich the already rich and cut down on the poors buy migawd, when I hear some of these right wing scuzzballs I have to step back, start my brain a thinkin, and reassess my opposition to random killings and general mayhem.

Donald Rumsfeld, he of the war criminal Rumsfelds, is running around speaking to the only people who don't want his ass in the Hague, tea party types and fellow war criminals, and calling Obama "feckless". Feckless is such a Rummy word, like by golly or Glad to meet ya Saddam ol buddy. Feckless, after the tea party types look it up, means lazy and shiftless. Oh yeah, Obama is "feckless". Rummy seems to think that going into Syria is a bad idea. Check.

Rand Paul, the nitwit from Kentucky who I so hope Republicants nominate in 2016 if Steve King (Nutjob-Ia) doesn't work out that is, thinks going into Syria is a bad idea. Why? Because his libertarian streak says we aren't the world's cop? Nope. Because of his strong Ayn Rand-ian independent streak? Nope, because Rand Paul, Ayn Rand devotee, thinks that Assad is protecting Christians from the eeeeeeevil Muslim rebels. Protecting Christians? Really, Rand? Did you know that trollop, Ayn Rand , thought anyone religious was mentally ill? Of course not, like the only other man over 20 who still likes Ayn Rand, Catholic hypocrite Paul Ryan (Senior Killer-Wi), Rand Paul has no fucking idea what he's talking about when it comes to that Ayn Rand character.

Michelle Bachmann (Fag Hag-Mn)"adamantly opposes" striking Syria saying she doesn't want "President Obama to start another war in the Middle East". What in the name of conversion therapy is this google eyed former war monger talking about? She once compared going to Iraq to going to the Mall of America and enthusiastically supported that clusterfuck of a war. But Syria? Has she wised up? Fucking impossible.

Rush Limbaugh, always the apologist for any bully, thinks his buddy Al-Assad is being framed by either the rebels or by Obama himself to take the focus off the upcoming Obamacare. Ok, Rush, that's good, now go pop a Viagra and go fuck yourself.

My other odd bedfellows who oppose this action are Senator Jim Inhofe (Dumber than Coburn-Ok), Lee Terry (Who?-Ne) has embraced the Hannity lie about the Sarin gas being left over from when Saddam Hussein Obama buried it all in Syria. His evidence? His gut. His gut also tells him gravity is a hoax. He's an idiot, but he opposes Syrian intervention. Ted Cruz (R-Canada) doesn't want the United States to be Al Queda's Air Force. He opposes Syrian intervention.

Hey I feel like I'm standing on the wrong side of the street with these goddamned nuts opposing Syrian intervention. That old saying about a stopped clock being right twice a day does not apply to any of these dipsticks. But here I am. Standing on the same side of the an issue with a group of people so fucking evil I wish instead of intervening in Syria, Obama would send a drone here and blow all of us up.

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