Monday, September 16, 2013

Take It Away NRA!

Goddammit, I was hoping to write about something fun today but son of a bitch if it didn't happen again. Some gun enthusiast got loose at the Naval Shipyard in Washington DC and wasted 12 people as of this writing. Not even going to get into gun debate here as what's the fucking point?

How long until we hear the following:

1) Impeach Obama now!

2) This is God's punishment for America being so gay!

3) American Exceptionalism! Told ya, Putin!

4) If only all 3000 of those people had been armed...(no that one is real)

5) Obama staged this so he could take your guns (that may be real too)

6) Hey, what about Benghazi? (these are getting more real by the second)

7) Those 13 people deserved to die because they weren't armed (Ted Nugent's take)

8) How come Al Sharpton isn't talking about this? (Sean Hannity's take)

9) He could have killed those people with a golf club, you wanna ban golf? (My answer is yes)

10)Hey, Chicago has that many murders in an hour and nobody says anything (dumb people's take)

11) America, what the fuck is wrong with you? (The rest of the world)


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