Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Bo Bleep!

Bammmmmmmmmmmmm! That's Nebraska football player Kenny Bell knocking a Wisconsin player halfway back to Madison. Yeah I know Wisconsin knocked Nebraska all the way back to Lincoln but when ya have a highlight ya gotta love it. Besides, Kenny Bell has the biggest 'Fro in Lincoln since Wonderful Monds Junior (google his image) back in '76.

I have been going to Nebraska football games since my Dad took me to see South Dakota State play in Lincoln back in 1963. I still go with Max to this day. It is all so cyclical.

The head football coach at Nebraska since about 2008 is a fiery Ohioan named Mark "Bo" Pelini. Heard of him? He's that psycho you see on ESPN about every two weeks ranting like a lunatic and looking like he's going to kill somebody. Oh you have no idea. Even on weeks when ESPN is fascinated with something else, like Tim Tebow or Johnny Football, Mark "Bo" Pelini rants and raves on the Nebraska sideline throwing headsets and clipboards, pacing the sideline like a caged tiger, ranting at his players and coaches and losing every big game he coaches. UCLA 38 Nebraska 0. That was last week. Oh it really was 41-21 but at one point NU led 21-3 so you do the math.

The football itself is really not important. I have learned as I age rapidly that football is really not that big a deal. Nor is baseball or basketball or Miley Cyrus acrobatics for that matter. Now Max's soccer games. THAT was important. Please don't screw up Please don't screw up. You parents know that feeling.

Bo Pelini has been a source of controversy since he got here in 2008. Embarrassing the program with his Woody Hayes like temper tantrums yet also allowing an 8 year old cancer survivor named Jack Hoffman run for a TD at the annual spring game. Poking his quarterback's chest with his finger and screaming during a game at Texas A&M in 2010 on national television yet giving a scholarship to a young high school senior who was injured in a game and may never play football again. Running his team with an us vs. them mentality, he has undying loyalty from his players. Yet his disdain for all authority figures, be they college presidents, athletic directors, referees or opposing coaches is also well known and demonstrated publicly on a regular basis. Hey man, Bo Pelini is 46 years old. He often acts 46 months old.

Why am I writing about this? Because he's in the news for telling me to fuck off. Me personally? Yes, me and the rest of the fans who support this team with money and passion. You may have heard the 2 year old tape where Pelini says "fuck the fans fuck em all" and tells us to "kiss his ass on the way out the fucking door". And that was after a WIN! What does this maniac say after he loses?

His act is old. His coaching is suspect at best. His bipolar personality is scary. Even the good things he does, and there are some, do not outweigh him telling his "bosses" to go fuck themselves. I have never cared for this loudmouthed hothead. He just doesn't strike me as a guy I'd like to even meet. You just never know if he'd say "hi nice to meet ya" or say "what the fuck do you want?" Actually the latter is far more believable.

Firing him is really not an option after 3 games. But this barbarian needs to move on after this season. Go somewhere they like a goddamned lunatic raving about every perceived slight. Did I hear the tea party is hiring?

UPDATE---Of course, like the abused spouses we Nebraska fans are, we have accepted Bo the Barbarian back with open arms and no punishment because we all know he loves us and won't hit us again.

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