Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Gun Fun!

Looks like the Child Murder Advocates (NRA) have not only succeeded in knowing that Americans forget shit rather quickly (Newtown) but after a couple of more of their brethren take out some more people in the months that follow (Hialeah, Fla 7 dead, Santa Monica, Ca 5 dead) that Americans will become bored and become outraged at something else, like a former Disney fraud shaking her non existent ass, sticking out her tongue and rubbing one out with a foam finger. Oh the humanity!

The NRA is like the bully who not only keeps bullying you after everybody knows they are bullying you, they step it up a notch and bring in other ruffians to knock you around while everybody yawns and says well at least its not me. Well it IS you and until you realize it, it will continue.

The NRA seems not only content on Americans amazing lack of memory, but they seem to now want to be complete dicks about it. Recalling state senators in Colorado for the high crime and misdemeanor of advocating background checks on gun nuts limiting these kooks to 15 round magazines is one way to be a prick. Limiting voting by mail is another. And counting on the fact normal Coloradoans were still busy watching Miley Cyrus on a loop and were so high they couldn't get off the beanbag chair was not only being a dick, it was being a very smart dick. I almost admire that move. A tip of the tin foil hat to ya, Child Murder Advocates of Colorado.

Meanwhile in Appleton, Wisconsin two cheesedicks decided to go to the Farmers Market carrying a couple of AR-15 child killer delivery devices along with holstered handguns just to show how 2nd Amendment-ee they are. Well of course man with a gun calls came in from all over and the cops decided to jam these two assholes up against a wall and figure out why these two wastes of air were being such dicks. And of course these two nimrods were just there to get hassled by the cops so they can now sue to get money to feed their let's be a dick habit.Lucky you two geniuses were white because I have a feeling this would not have ended so well had you been a Sikh or a black.

Wisconsin, what the hell is wrong with you? I know you have the disgrace of Joe McCarthy to live down, but that was 60 years ago. You seem to have dual personalities. Sending the first openly gay Senator in Tammy Baldwin to share space with that bag of stupid, Ron Johnson. You have the history of the LaFolletes as Governors to that mouth breather Scott Walker. You send a long history of Progressives to Congress to breathe the same Capitol air as that jug eared Paul Ryan and that Real World and MTV dimbulb Sean Duffy. On Wisconsin, I guess!

The gun crazies are winning. It makes me fantasize of the day when the Mass Murder enthusiasts, the 2nd Amendment masturbators , and the take on the Federal Government because of some Jefferson quote about tree of liberty being watered by the blood of patriots they don't understand all come out of the woodwork at once.......and water the treeof liberty by shooting each other.

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