Monday, September 9, 2013

The Good Guy With A Gun Strikes Again!

Looks like George Zimmerman has his gun back, or a gun back. Police decide to take him in for questioning on a complaint filed by his perjurer wife that he threatened her with a gun. Oh come on, who's gonna believe her, a convicted perjurer over the word of an acquitted murderer? Just like Trayvon Martin, I'm sure that Shellie Zimmerman was askin for it. Probably filed for divorce or some other crazy act that justifies being threatened with a gun. Can't wait for Hannity to ask him how's he holdin up, buddy?

Hey, Shellie, good thing you weren't in a hoodie, or had a bag of skittles, or an iced tea in your hand. George may have again had to stand his ground at YOUR parent's house and blast ya to the cheers of NRA types everywhere.

Zimmerman, I hear that lawyer you had, whatshisname, the guy who looks like Heisenberg, is not answering his phone until he can think up a new, hilarious knock knock joke! Good luck, good guy with a gun.

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