Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Giant Wizard Of Oz!

Hey remember when as a kid you used to wait for that yearly Wizard of Oz showing and gather at the neighborhood families house who had the only color television? Yeah I'm old as dirt.

Well if you consider the Wizard of Oz one of the Top 5 Movies of all time like I do, well then run, don't walk (sorry Larry King) to your nearest IMAX theater by the end of this upcoming weekend and see the Wizard Of Oz on a GIANT screen in 3-D. It is amazing what you see you never noticed before. Yep, 15 year old Judy Garland is one hot, uhhhhh, kid. Check out the scene where she first talks with the Cowardly Lion. She cracks a smile and damn near laughs. It is really fascinating to watch on a GIANT screen.

Go see it. You will be damn glad you did. And it makes you forget about that brainless, heartless, gutless Canadian, Ted Cruz.

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