Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shakedown Cruz!

Ok now that we've all heard that Canadian scumfuck Ted Cruz (McCarthy-Canada) yammer on for over 21 hours over a law that has already passed all 3 branches of government what can we conclude from this handjob to Rush Limbaugh and his mush brained followers? Ted Cruz and his fellow tea party cretins are every bit the terrorist that Mohammed Atta and Ayman al-Zawahiri and Anwar al-Awlaki and Justin Bieber are. In fact Cruz and his minions are doing the terrorists job for them. Oh they are not going to blow anything up other than the world economy. But their goal, to bring down President Black Hussein Blackama by any means necessary is every bit the goal of foreign psychopaths like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, Adam Gadahn or Nickelback.

Cruz and his fellow nutjobs are so blinded by their hatred of not only the President, but of anything that even remotely looks like Obama are every bit a threat to this nation as Adnan el Shukrijumah, Saif al-Adel, Nasser Al Wahishi or Daft Punk. They have to dealt with. The foreigners by police work, drones, and relentless intelligence. The ones who currently live here in the United States, The Ted Cruzes (Nixonian-Tx), the Mike Lees (Mormon-Planet Kolob), the Michele Bachmanns (Flame Dame-Mn), the Steve Stockmans (Dingbat-Tx) have to be dealt with by their own party. But will they?

John Boner (Boneless-Oh) is currently unable to deal with these terrorist revolutionaries. As Speaker of the House he is being knee capped by a Canadian named Ted Cruz, who is openly lobbying the IQ challenged Republicans elected back in 2010 by the racists and scrunch faced losers who make up the Tea Party to shut 'er down,. Burn the nation down to destroy the legacy of President Negro Hussein Negroma. Starve the poors, starve the poors and starve the poors to the point of weakness that they won't vote in 2014 even if they can produce the "I'm White" ID that states are now forcing them to get. The Boner is so utterly without a clue he would be justified to down a fifth and start bawling. Much like the rest of us will do when this shutdown occurs and the world economy tanks.

How can this be allowed to happen? Well it can't. Sometimes you have to fight revolution with revolution. A group of Republicans, bolstered by gerrymandering crooks in their own states, have nothing to lose by kissing the collective ass of dumbfucks who roll to the voting booths on government paid for scooters. But do they have something to lose? They sure as fuck do if their party leaders grow some balls, and if the President of the United States does the same. These Republican terrorists seem to not take NO for an answer. Mittens Von Romneystein LOST. His Heritage Foundation issued stands LOST. Holding the nation hostage by insisting on the implementation of said issues that LOST is nothing short of an attempted coup d'etat. How do you deal with attempted coups? You crush them.

Are you willing to crush these revolutionaries? Boner? McConnell? Obama?....Let's hope so.

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