Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad!

So was it all everyone expected? It was to me. Everybody with a semblance of a soul lived and those fucking Nazis and that fucking Lydia went bye bye. The finale of Breaking Bad was perfect. Perfect. Redemption for Walter White and freedom for Jesse Pinkman. It was all I needed from this damn near perfect television series(the only thing that kept it at 99% was that unwatchable "Fly" episode).

Hey there have been other finales from other television series that were highly satisfying. The M*A*S*H finale was fantastic. The finale of Lost was also satisfying, at least to me (of course they were dead, I knew that in Season One Episode 1). The 6 Feet Under finale was highly creative, though the show itself was hit and miss. And up until now, The Shield had the best finale, Vic Mackie in in his own private desk bound hell. But Breaking Bad? Vince Gilligan nailed it like no other, man.

Thanks for 5 1/2 seasons of an absolute perfect story of a mild mannered man going mad and then being redeemed at the end. I'm a sucker for that kind of story. Like George Carlin used to say, scratch a cynic and you find a disappointed idealist underneath. Yep.

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