Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Derp! Derp! Derp!

OMG.LOL.WTF? Can it be real? The Tea Party braintrust all in the same place at the same moment? The three, Rep Louie Gohmert (Pyle-Tx) , Rep Michele Bachmann (Homohoney-Mn) and the stunningly stupid Rep Steve King (Dolt-Ia) all stepped into Egypt at the same time, thus raising the collective IQ of the U S A and making the Sphinx look as smart as Rin Tin Tin, to make some sort of movie in which they all grinned like American lunkheads and expressed support for a military dictatorship.

Bachmann was the first spokesperson, which tells you how fucking stupid King and Gohmert must be, and made the people of Egypt cringe at her Palin like whine as she told them all sorts of cool stuff like yep, we will continue to send money to your military so they can get more of those cool guys on camels who beat the shit out of demonstrators, and yessiree compared that thumb breaking General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to George Washington. I'll betcha she even took a hot dish to the good General. Bachmann also "remembered" how dat Muslim Brudderhood caused all that 9-1-1 stuff back in da United States and kilt 3000 tousant brave Americans. Goddamn, I don't envy that poor Egyptian translator.

King got up to get his thin lipped piehole going and while Bachmann wildly grinned in the background like she'd just caught a walleye stuck on Marcus' crotch. Uncle Fester Gohmert was next in this SNL skit of a clusterfuck where he praised the General as some sort of selfless saint while somehow not putting a light bulb in his mouth and turning it on. Geez, Fester, you talked so long I thought the General was going to send camel guy down there to shut you up. In fact instead of a fence on the US-Mexican border why not just play tapes of Gohmert speeches cuz no sane Mexican would want to come anywhere where that idiot is an elected official.

Jesus H Christ, Egypt, once you stop laughing, please stop, oh to hell with it, you're welcome!

Meanwhile, let us pause to remember the anniversary of the greatest tragedy in American history. That, of course, is Benghazi.

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