Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Thought This Cell Phone Had A Cone Of Silence!

You know being Lieutenant Governor of the State of Nebraska is about as low on the political food chain as one could go, but this bottom dweller, Rick Sheehy, has made Loot Gov'na a majah playah, baby!

Rick Sheehy, yeah it doesn't matter, he used to be Lieutenant Governor of my state. Well he aint no more. Seems our fine happily married "Guv to be" likes to carry on with the ladies. On his cell phone. On his STATE PAID cell phone. So you see, this no fun of ANY kind type for YOU conservative Republican skinflint is yet another do as I say not as I do phon-ey that 99% of them are. Bye bye Ricky. He resigned yesterday about 2 seconds after he was confronted with his 2300 cell phone calls to 4 different chicks on his, once again, STATE ISSUED cell phone.

Phony AND stupid. What more can I say? The rest of the story isn't worth the time I'd spend boring you with.

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