Friday, February 8, 2013

I-O-Way I-O-Way That's Where The Tall Nuts Grow!

Just when you think the dumbest man in Iowa is Steve King (Satan-Ia) along comes somebody even lower on the food chain to take the title. Iowa State Rep Tom Shaw , presumably not the Styx guy, has introduced a bill to that body of esteemed Iowa law rapers that makes it "murder" to get rid of a fertilized egg as soon as that gooey glob of sperm attaches itself and makes it a human being. Been raped? Tough shit, slut! You were probably asking for it. Miscarriage? Yeah right you murderous trollop. Shaw, a legislator from someplace called Laurens,Iowa, brags on his website about "He is a proud member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and Iowa Gun Owners. Ok there Tommy. I see, you're one of those guys who like the building of the baby, but once it's born it's a target for one of your big guns. Again, probably asking for it.

Shaw claims that per his proposed law "a person is a person, it just simplifies things" . Yes, I get the feeling a LOT of shit has to be simplified for Rep Shaw to get. Then just to make sure Tommy Shaw isn't all alone over in the dunce corner along comes another Iowa Rep to help make Tommy Shaw not feel so fucking dumb. Rep Rob Bacon ,from some place called Slater, Iowa (gawdsakes, I'm right across the river from these people and I have no idea where these places are) has joined Tommy Shaw to try and help charge evil Iowa tramps with murder for taking that Plan B pill or douching with Coca Cola or whatever it is these Iowa brain deads believe. Bacon, who I believe has now charged down the stretch to pass both Shaw and King in the Annual Iowa Dumbshit Derby uses that same old hackneyed "for some reason, we can protect eggs of a spotted owl … but yet we don’t put the same emphasis on our children” barroom drunk wisdom to justify his taxpayer funded waste of time.

The bill has no chance of ever moving out of committee because the other Iowa reps have discernible brain waves. Look, Bacon and Shaw. Here's more simplicity for you. A blastocyst has no eyes, no brain, no legs, no arms, no feet, no hands and no opinions. It is not a formed human being. In fact about the only positive thing I can say is no fertilized egg, blastocyst, zygote or fetus has ever voted for either of you.

A while back, English scientists (phooey on science) asked for a woman to come forward to carry a Neanderthal DNA'd fetus. Are we sure this hasn't already happened a long time ago in Laurens or Slater, Iowa??

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