Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bat Scratch Fever!

What kind of crazy person would bring Motor City Madman (no seriously he IS mad) Ted Nugent to the State of the Union address? I mean really, even Congressnutjob Steve Stockman (Daft-Tx) wouldn't bring a Glock sucker like Ted, would he?

Oh of course he would. Steve Stockman is embarrassing even for Texas and that's a whole lotta embarrasin.

There could be a reasonable explanation on why a loony like Nugent would be allowed into the Capitol. Is Ted on his Make A Wish trip since he will be dead within the year since Nobama was re-elected. Could Ted be a secret Democratic plant that makes all child murder advocates look bad?

Ted claims he will be there as an "uppity Motown guitar player" presumably to keep an eye on that uppity Kenyan usurper he hates so much. No idea if Ted will offer up his machine gun for the Muslim gun grabber to suck on. No idea if he will offer to shove his big gun up Hillary Clinton's hoo hah. I sort of wish he would, just to see her kick him in his weenie. But the Nuge is all talk, we all know that. He shit his pants to avoid Vietnam, called a paralyzed Congressman "shit for brains", and attempted to adopt his underage gal pal so not to get thrown in the Sandusky wing of the local pen. i wonder how his love child up in New Hampshire is doing?

Ted Nugent, freedom loving Amurkan. Otherwise known as draft dodging, statutory raping, one hit wonder with a screw loose upstairs. Let us just hope that a Secret Service sniper has a tiny red dot attached to Nugent's forehead the entire time Nobummer is speaking. If he makes a move, well I guess it's Wang Dang Sweet Bloody Vapor Tang.

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Jack Jodell said...

nargamrvoBoth Stockman AND Nugent are crazy, ignorant fanatics who have no business being anywhere near the nation's Capitol!