Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And Hagel Thought 'Nam Was Bad!

Oh Ben Shapiro. You know him? Good. I didn't think so because anybody with a ounce of sanity has no idea who this punk is. He writes for the website Breitbart News (sorry I can stop giggling). You know Breitbart? Andrew Breitbart? Good, because he's dead. Pickled himself to death I think. That may have been the official autopsy report on Breitbart, who dropped dead staggering home one night back in March of 2012. Thanks goodness for Mr. Breitbart as he never had to witness the re-election of Barack Nobama and the nomination of Mittens Willard Romney. That would have killed him right there.

Anyway the twerp who picked up the booze slurping overflowing Breitbart gauntlet is one Ben Shapiro, who you can find being fellated by Sean Hannity on a regular basis on that Fox News channel that only stupid people watch when CMT is showing another rerun of Smokey and the Bandit 2. Ben wrote the above listed expose' on that well know commie anti Semitic traitor Chuck Hagel that will surely torpedo that nomination. Right? Except "Friends of Hamas" does NOT exist. Christ, detail details Max's Dad. So what? Hagel probably WOULD take a few shekels from FOH if it did exist. And probably would also take rubles from "Wife Beaters For Hagel" too. That is if they existed.

This whole story is so fucking convoluted it's not worth rehashing. All it comes down to is Shapiro is now an official member of "Dumbshits Against Hagel" or "DUH" (yes I know its an A in the middle but if a geek like Shapiro can make up nonexistent groups I can finagle a letter). Shapiro, who called the passage of Obamacare worse than the Dred Scott decision, will now run off to his sugar daddy Hannity to cry on old flathead's shoulder. And he will stand by his story I am sure because Fox News wants its brainwashed lemmings to believe it. The facts never stopped them before, why now that the Prodigal Son of Breitbart has carried on family tradition of making shit up.

More of this is coming I am sure. Conservative wingnuts believe anything. Shit, they believe in conservatism. What more evidence of wingnuttery do you need? Kentucky rug wearing Senator Rand Paul was going to look into Friends of Hamas. That is after he looked into the Breitbart News big story about smuggling guns from Libya to Turkey. (the best part of Hillary's testimony was the eyebrow arched "Turkey?" when confronted with that bullshit from Randy).

Ben Shapiro has responded to his being caught being a gullible nerd by asserting the attack on him is because of a complicit media protecting that Kenyan Usurper in the White House. Ben then claims all this can be cleared up by Chuck Hagel releasing his records. Records? Of contributions from a non existent group? What the fuck Ben? Breitbart is a year in the ground and though not by much, his brain waves function better than yours.

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