Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deep Threat!

And I thought Ben Shapiro was a ignorant douchebag. Bob Woodward, yeah THAT Bob Woodward, has apparently gone all in on his contention that the Kenyan Muslim White House cabal has "threatened" him and he has run off to suck Sean Hannity off so he can stay relevant. Oh Bob, you looked so much better when 1970's Redford was playing you and you were "threatened" by a real White House cabal led by psychotic paranoid freaks like Liddy.

Woodward has already misinterpreted at best and plain lied at worst about the White House staffer who told him he would "regret" running with the "story" that accuses Obummer of wanting to raise revenue along with spending cuts to avoid sequester and thus "moving the goal posts". Oooooooooooo, Bob has been "threatened". What, are the Islamic White House staffers going to lash you in DuPont Circle? "Threatened?" Fuck Bob, I'm a graduate of journalism school and even I know that "regret" means you'd get the story wrong and look like a big dumbass, not that some secret band of burka wearing swordsmen will swoop in on your squash game and lop off your noggin.

Bob, you really haven't been relevant since you stumbled into Watergate 40 years ago. But you are respected nonetheless. Until now. Running off to Fox News? Are you fucking insane? Actually sucking up to Hannity for yakking about Bill Ayres in 2013? Bob, stop. For your own good. Or the next actor playing you will a similarly irrelevant Robert Redford.

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