Friday, May 5, 2017

The United States House Of Embarassment!

Lets get this out of the way at the start. Fuck them all. With a rusty crowbar.

The House Republicans, a group of hicks and rubes and Satanists so utterly evil, voted to do what they've been saying they wanted to do for about 7 years now. They finally succeeded in making rape a pre-existing condition in the issuance of health insurance . Oh yeah that and domestic violence and C sections and depression and who knows what else. Christ just being born with a vagina is now a pre-existing condition to these misogynistic clods.

Paul Ryan, who may be an even worse human being than Donald Trump, with his shit eating grin and his blatant lying, couldnt have been more smug standing in that Rose Garden with his fellow misanthropes, most of them old white men set for life by the bribes donations they have received from other old white men bent on taking every last dollar off to hell when they finally expire. Ryan, a cheese munching monster who regularly masturbates in his office to a Cliffs Notes version of Atlas Shrugged, was claiming victory because of his obsession with the elimination of anything to do with that black man who ruled as an adult person for the last eight years and generally kicked his ass. Ryan, who I swear Joe Biden wanted to punch right in the mug, got on a bus with his fellow monsters (wheres a drunk teenager in a pickup truck when you need one) and rolled off to the White House to partaaayyyyy with the Pussy Grabber In Chief in the Rose Garden.

Think about it. What exactly were these assholes celebrating? Well, we know that pricks like Louie Gohmert (Goober-Tx) and Steve King (Shitheel-Ia) were probably celebrating something to do with some Mexican someplace dying, but the rest? Celebrating a hollow victory in which something with the nickname "Obama" was repealed and not even replaced. Celebrating that 24-30 million of their fellow citizens, a shitload of whom let their racism win out over their common sense and voted for these total pricks, will lose health insurance coverage because the fucking premiums will be unaffordable. Yep, premiums will plunge because $0 is sure as hell less than $130,000. Celebrating the gigantic tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, which some would argue what this was really about anyway. An average tax cut of $200K while the cost is 24-30 million people losing health insurance coverage. Hope its worth it J Simpleton Douchebag the Fourth. Get that yacht cleaned up nice and shiny for the mandatory Summer Shindig with your favorite Congressman.

Yesterday was one of the most disgraceful votes ever made in American history. A House full of heartless fucks, including a lot of Republican women, voted for this cruel bill, In fact Representative Martha McSally (Whack Job-Az) who urged her fellow Scrooges to "do this fucking thing" was one of them. I bet she's a hoot at the Arizona Vote Against Your Own Interests Early Bird Special Prayer Brunch.

Ok fine, I know this House bill is not the law of the land. Yet. But the celebratory atmosphere of these crazy shitheads, led by a crude version of a human being in the Rose Garden of the White House, the beer drinking at the Capitol, the fact that if this bill gets through the Turtle led Senate, and those miserable bastards arent any better, it goes to the states where madman Governors like Scott Walker (Chinless-Wi) or Sam Brownback (Disaster Re-Elected-KS) or Pete Ricketts (Trust Fund Kid-Ne) could get the ball rolling to gut even more of the "greatest health care system in the world" (puke) by restoring lifetime caps, or whatever else big insurance wants. Really? I dont want a proven economic illiterate like Brownback (Re-Elected-KS) or a grinning football head like Ricketts (Daddy I Need More Money-Ne) being in charge of anything that means life or death to people.

Trump said he wouldnt touch Medicaid. Yet, bye bye Medicaid so his rich buddies would get even more money at tax time. Yeah yeah I know Trump is a pathological liar, and I wouldnt vote for him if he ran against Casey Anthony (Child Killer-Fl), but this is really something else. You are talking about Medicaid here. The very lifeblood of poor Americans not yet bankrupted or ignored into death by the "Greatest health care system in the world" (vomit). The Medicaid fund. under the guise of that failed oldie "High Risk Pools", is basically dead. It's $200 billion short by early estimates. Chrissakes, the Republican shitheels didnt even wait for a CBO study before passing this nonsense. They dont believe in science, compassion or apparently math.

The top 12 states in having a population of people with pre-existing conditions ALL voted for the Creep In Chief. The Schadenfreude in me is very happy. But the human empathy I was fortunately born with and learned from my parents wins out here. Even people who voted for a vulgar barroom bully like Trump deserve to live a decent life. And even if they continue to support a tiny fingered thin skinned Russian operative like Trump just because he upsets "libtards" like me, they dont deserve this. And even when they blame the Democrats because their pre-existing racism, sexism, homophobia has kicked in, they dont deserve this.

The "Greatest health care system in the word" myth is a fucking joke told to you by politicians lying through their teeth to keep getting donations from the insurance industry and hospitals and medical supply companies. The Pathological Liar in Chief even thinks our system sucks.

Hell he proved the broken clock is right twice a day theory just yesterday. Watch.

There ya have it. The House is full of miscreants and morons. The Presidency is full of grifters and looters. The Senate is full of glorified House hicks with better suits.

But Australia. Thats where its at! Hey, the Broken Clock in Chief said so. Your move, Trump voters.

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