Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Keepers!

Back in the 1960's while I was doing time in Catholic school we were surrounded by nuns, dressed in full nun regalia, who were our teachers, principals and tormentors.

This is why The Keepers on Netflix is so captivating to those of us who lived in that time. A 26 year old nun named Sister Cathy Chesnik was found murdered in Baltimore back in 1969 and the case went cold. Her head was bashed in, her car was found near her apartment, her body had been moved, an abuse victim was allegedly taken to her body as a warning. It's all here. Except it really is true.

Who killed Sister Cathy? This is what this fascinating 7 part documentary is all about. The Catholic all girls high school called Keough was rife with sexual abuse of young girls by a a Father Joseph Maskell, who served as Principal of the school. Sister Cathy had taught at the school and the implication was she knew of the abuse by Fr Maskell and may have murdered to keep her quiet. Or not.

Some of the women who attended the school in the late 60's and early 70's decided they had to figure this mystery out because it was obvious the Baltimore cops, the Baltimore DA or the Archdiocese arent going to tell you anything.

The Keepers doesnt necessarily stay on the road it starts out on. You will be disgusted with the Archdiocese moving a pedophile like Maskell around to keep him from blowing the lid off a brewing scandal. You will be brought to lows as you listen to these former Keough students all now in their 60's talk of their abuse in graphic detail. You will cringe not knowing what happened to people who feature prominently in the story. It really is Making A Murderer 2.

Perhaps it may be more in my wheelhouse because of the characters involved are basically my life from age 5 to 17. Priests, Nuns, Jesuits, brainwashed Catholics with their heads in the sand. It's all here.

Who killed Sister Cathy? You may not get the answer in the 7 parts but you will definitely have a theory. There are suspects you dont suspect at first and then go hmmmmm, There are those you say yep he did it and then go how? You will bounce around like a ping pong ball.

The women who are digging into this very personal crime are relentless. They arent going to stop. They want to know who killed their favorite teacher and why. Better watch out whoever did it. It shows people over 60 dont have to sit in a chair and accept corruptness and lies. People over 60 can topple this institutionalized garbage if they so choose. Not all of them are zombie eyed Trump voters longing for a time when priests did get away with murder and child abuse. Longing for a time when things were simple because everyone chose to be ignorant. It was just easier that way.

It's really worth the time you invest.

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