Friday, May 26, 2017

America First Baby!

Just a day or so after making the Pope take numerous showers to wash the stench of an talking orange Lucifer off his holiness, Donald F Trump went to Brussels, or as Trump calls it, a hellhole to meet with NATO leaders. You know, NATO, France, Germany, England, and a bunch of others we promised to defend back after the Rooskies took over Eastern Europe back after the Big One?

Trump, of course, feels much more comfortable being around goons and thugs like the President of Turkey, The Saudi King, Bibi Netanyahu, the Filipino murderer, Putin, Greg Gianforte. Trump wants to be them so much, a tinpot dictator body slamming journalists, murdering his opponents, shooting drug dealers, having his private security creeps beat up pesky Belgian protesters, building walls keeping the brown people out, and beheading people on Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh what a life Donald F Trump wants to lead.

But meeting leaders who actually got more votes than their opponents is strange to a narcissistic toddler like our fearless orange pile of compost. Hey he prefers leaders who didnt get as many votes yet seized power anyway. Cuz Donald F Trump is a tough guy. A tough guy standing up for Barney Badass American who lives in a craphole small town someplace in rural America and hates all things faggy, or Euro if you prefer to be PC.

As Trump pushed the President of Montenegro out of his fucking way because he stands behind no man named "Monte" and its all America First, the rest of the civilized world (apparently urban America and Canada and Europe) stood aghast at how this guy could make things worse each and every hour.

Trump could not even lie for once and express support for Article 5 of the NATO treaty which states an attack on one is an attack on all. Nope, his Russian masters would not stand for that and they have the tape to keep Trump in line. Hey dipshit, you DO know that all the European allies have sent troops to help out in Afghanistan and Iraq? Christ,our drones and planes have even friendly fired a few of them. Thats something you can look up, or have someone brief you on for 20 seconds or so before you start daydreaming again.

To stand there and call our German allies, the new leader of the free world, evil was bad enough. To tell the French President that he was "my guy" all along was a blatant lie. Hope Putin didnt hear that.

To any Europeans out there, look, most of us didnt vote for this orange hunk of dung and most of us hate his guts. Unfortunately with his Russian masters and a bunch of Republican Quislings also in his corner, we cannot do anything at this time. We are trying. Unfortunately, fucknut states like Montana (why that beauty is wasted on a band of thug supporting lamebrains is beyond me) keep throwing a wrench into the plan to rid ourselves of this national embarrassment. But we will keep trying.

In the meantime, enjoy the presence of the Best of America.

Keep showing the crowd sizes to see Former President Obama. It will make Donald F Trump very sad.

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