Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Emboldened!

Lets talk about Memorial Day coming up on Monday. While we hear about heroes and the brave men and women who have lost their lives defending their country in the military and that's fine and dandy and thanks for your service but lets talk about other heroes.

Like 23 year old Taelisin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and 53 year old Ricky Best and 21 year old Micah David Cole Fletcher all of Portland. While some Nazi piece of shit, no doubt emboldened by the election of a loudmouthed con man last November, started to rant at couple of teenaged girls in hajibs on a Portland train and began to approach them. As he became a threat to these kids, Taelisin, Ricky and Micah all stood up and defended these children from this pile of garbage (no names here of this creep fuck him) and two of them paid the ultimate price for their heroism. Taelisin Myriddin Namkai-Meche and Ricky Best were killed by this waste of air and Micah David Cole Fletcher was stabbed but lived. The train stopped, the girls ran for their lives, and the killer ran until he was captured by police. The video shows him asking to be shot by police which is why I am not a cop because I am so nice I'd have granted him his wish. I'm not posting a link to the video because this hunk of Nazi dung doesn't deserve any publicity whatsoever.

Yep these three guys are heroes. Nobody will say so tomorrow but they are. They fought the fucking Nazis every bit as much as my Dad did 70 years ago. The difference is my father had to get on a boat and go to Europe to do it. These three had to do it in the United States of America. If you have a few bucks to spare, Help these families out.

Richard Collins III was minding his own business on the University of Maryland campus, waiting for an Uber ride. When some piece of manure walked up to him and said something along the lines of move if you know whats good for you. When Lieutenant Collins (yea he was in the Army of the United States of America) stood his ground and said no, this degenerate pulled out a knife and stabbed Lt.Collins to death. The killer then ran away, probably to go brag about him killing a black man to his Alt Reich Facebook creeps.

Lt.Collins was due to graduate from Bowie State University within days of being lynched murdered by this Alt right garbage heap (again no names) who no doubt feels emboldened by the election of a fellow alt right jackass who surrounds himself with literal Nazis (fuck that alt right crap). Lt Collins was an outstanding man according to everybody. His family accepted his diploma with his cap and gown draped over an empty seat. If you have a few bucks to spare, donate in his name.

A woman goes on a racist rant at a Wal Mart to a Latina woman simply trying to reach around her to get something off the shelf. A black woman intervenes and gets called a n*****. Whoever this racist wench is must also feel emboldened by the election of a racist grifter last November who threatened to deport anyone and everyone his base doesnt like. You know his base? That racist witch above. And racist Wal Mart lady, thats a load of toilet paper you have in that cart proving you really are full of it. To Wal Marts credit and that doesnt happen here much, they threw her racist ass out, maybe forever.

Some guy in a wheelchair gets all offended because he hears a man speaking to his mother in Spanish because she lives in Puerto Rico. The highly articulate gimp cripple handicapped man , obviously emboldened by the election of an orange bully, wouldnt let it go as he rolled around showing his English pretty much consists of calling people names and racial slurs. Hey wheelchair asshole, the man you are insulting speaks two languages, which is one and a half more than your dumb ass does. And lastly, wheelchair guy, remember this from your hero?

Theres many more of course. Since the election of this heartless prick last November, these people have crawled out of the woodwork because they feel emboldened. Hey if the POTUS can say it, why cant I? The problem is many of these morons are violent. So watch yourselves when you see one of these Trumpers blow their tops.

Meanwhile in the White House, Donald F Trump, the instigator of all of this, tweets away about "Fake News" and brags about his doing Russia's work to benefit Russia America and praising the election of a thug in Montana to Congress. But not one fucking word about any of this killing by his minions of innocent people. Not one tweet, or word, or a plea for sanity, NOTHING.

So when I see this orange glob of cattle droppings honor the dead (many of whom fought against guys like the ones he has surrounding him) I may just switch to something cheery and uplifting. Like 13 Reasons Why.

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