Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Don't Sasse Me!

Whoever the the first Republican Senator to stand up and exclaim "This Trump guy is a disaster" and calls for his firing will be famous. Oh not among the base of cultists and nitwits that make up that Republican base, but among the sane people who right now hate every fucking Republican member of Congress.

Watch out for this guy, America. His name is Ben Sasse (Weirdo-Ne) and he doesnt much like the orange blob of espionage in the White House. He didnt like him back in the summer of 2016, didnt much like him in the fall of 2016, and doesnt much like him now. Sasse took a lot of shit from the angry white rubes of his home state back in the good old days when Hillary was going to kick Trump's ass. Never gonna vote for him again, oughta be recalled blah blah blah. Yeah right.

Sasse has written a book about how to raise yer kiddies to grow up and be just like him and he's pimping it like Huggy Bear on a Friday night in 1978. Sasse seems to think "adults" have lost control and big brats like Trump have become the norm. Sasse has been making a lot of noise for a long time about the pre-school this nation has become. And quite frankly he's right. But since Ben Sasse became a superstar with his cute sarcastic twitter account where he acts goofy and tells people #LoveYourPassion when they call him a buck toothed baboon. No it was not me who did that, I called him a stupid hot dog vendor (I saw him selling hot dogs once at a football game) but then Im not all that creative.

Sasse is weird. He drives an Uber, he sells hot dogs at football games, he once said his daughters wake up every day and pray that Obamacare is repealed. See, weird.

But Ben Sasse may be the first Republican to show the guts to say what needs to be said. And if that happens, again, watch out for this guy. Sasse has the ability to not only be a right wing kook (which he is) but also have a sense of humor, including a self deprecating wit, which 99% of conservatives lack. I find myself reading his twitter and actually finding myself saying hey he sounds like a decent guy, which by the way he isnt. And if I do that, the rest of America may also find themselves turning into Ben Sasse groupies, simply because Trump has set the bar so fucking low, anybody with a personality and a sense of phony decency may shoot to the top of the 2020 list of crazies willing to not be Trumpski.

Sasse,in pimping his book, has gone onto the national stage and really been no better than any other Republican afraid of the giant shadow of the whack job base of Republican bigots, haters, and numbskulls that block the light of facts. But if Sasse ever does form a spine, and use it, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Look, the man is running for President in 2020. There is no doubt. So far, he is doing it very cautiously. Unable to actually stick that toe into the muck and grime that will be Republican rage thus far, he nonetheless is thinking about it. And if he does do the right thing, he will be a independent hero. But can he stand up to the scrutiny? That remains to be seen. Right now he's just another Republican hack kowtowing to a Russian operative.

Sasse is really everything Ted Cruz isnt. Harvard educated but able to play the folksy I'm just a simple Nebraska boy when in reality the guy couldnt wait to get out of that town we call Fremont. A town of anti-Hispanic clodhoppers who openly say it at the ballot box and then of course claim they aint racist. Sasse left town as soon as he graduated high school and ran off to the East Coast for the next 20 some years before coming back to Nebraska to take a job running a small religious college for just enough time to make people think yeah he's our Ben again and run for Senate, kicking some limp noodled Democrat offered up as a human sacrifice. Christ, Ben was so confident he'd return to his beloved DC, he never even sold his condo there. Yep, Go Big Red Baby!

So when Sasse finally decides to break ranks and actually calls for Trump to be impeached, just remember, the polling told him to do it, Because Ben Sasse is just a goofy looking Elmer Gantry. Do not be fooled.

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