Friday, May 26, 2017

Pope Meets Dope!

The Orange Embarrassment went overseas in the past week and last time I looked outside there wasnt any scorched landscape or zombies wandering around so I guess on the low bar that Trump has set, it was a great week.

Trump sucked off Saudi Arabia, told the Israelis he was just back from the "Middle East", got hand slapped by the Abused Wife in Chief twice and then went to the Vatican where a delighted Pope Francis got to meet the man who appointed Newt Gingrich's umpteenth mistress and third wife as an Ambassador to the Holy See. Trump met with the Pope, probably after asking who he was and make your answer less than 15 seconds, and the Pope couldnt have been happier. The Pope, a man who joked with the former President like they were on the Borscht Belt, looked like he was forced to meet with the fucking Devil himself. Oh Pope Francis, you have no idea. We Americans are a dumb sort who somehow let this overgrown child throw all the plates on the ground while Mommy and Daddy cheered and praised his uniqueness.

The Pope, as fine a Pope as Ive ever seen, gave Trump a copy of his encyclical calling for nations of the earth not to fucking destroy the earth with fossil fuels and pumping toxic materials into the water and air. Im sure Trump used the blank pages to play hangman or something but nonetheless Trump got an earful about health care and peace and all that libtard pussy shit and told the Pope, I wont forget what you said even though we all know he forgot the minute he walked out and stuffed his red tail back into his big boy pants.

But what this inhuman monster we are forced to call POTUS did to his Press Liar may give you an insight into Trumps empty soul. Sean Spicer is a miserable man. He is forced to go out and defend a pathological liar on a daily basis. He has been neutered by Melissa McCarthy. Spicer has hidden in bushes to avoid lying again. He truly looks like a man who wishes he was anyplace else but needs the gig. Basically he's all people who work for a shitheel of a boss and have to put up with it to eat. He doesnt enjoy what he does, you can tell. He's not like that hillbilly Sarah Huckabee Sanders who truly enjoys lying and being an openly disdainful Jezebel.

Spicer is a devout (except for that lying part) Roman Catholic who got drug around by the nose on the overseas Scorch the Earth Tour 2017. But Spicer went along for one reason. To meet the Pope. I mean come on, I retired from Catholicism 45 years ago (the pension sucks and so does the installed guilt), but if I got a chance to meet the Pope, fuck yeah!! Donald Trump, a truly disgusting man who thinks Jesus H Christ was a snowflake who needed a haircut and is still trying to call Pontius Pilate to congratulate him on the great job he is doing, refused to let Spicer meet the Pope because he'd rather drag himself and his dreadful Omen like family in for photo ops. And as you can tell, the Pope was thrilled to meet the dastardly Donald's Tribe of Villains.

Yes, Donald Trump, an orange glob of cowplop, wouldnt let his main liar have even a taste of his dream. And in being the total prick he was born as, Donald Trump, an orange pile of ooze, made the press actually feel sorry for Spicer.

So now its up to you Sean. Spit in this fuckers face and either quit, or come out and tell the truth. It would be better than meeting the Pope. In fact if you do that, the Pope may come to meet you.

Donald Trump is a non human immoral lunatic.

Pax Christi y'all!

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