Tuesday, May 9, 2017

FB Sigh!

Even the ghost of Richard Nixon is pointing at the biggest asshole in American history. Jesus H Christ, at least Nixon knew what he was doing, or did for a while. This schlump from Queens, Donald John Trump, has no fucking clue what he's doing. Buoyed by the adoring morons whom Trump cons and holds rallies with on a monthly basis, this putz Trump thinks he's invincible. So far in a mere 109 days, this muskrat haired jackoff has fired Sally Yates for telling him no, fired Preet Bhrara for investigating him and now James Comey for holding grand juries and sniffing to close to Trumps corrupt taint.

And now, Donald Trump gets to replace the man investigating him with his own man. A man who will undoubtedly be compromised and attempt to end the obvious fact that Trump and his cronies, his family and probably his closet case veep are Russian operatives. And the Republican Senate, still holding onto this traitorous creep as a tool to make themselves and their donors rich, will approve Trump's FBI choice unanimously just to hold off the wolves. Nice going Iowa in not only electing a white nationalist to Congress but re-electing a senile drip like Chuck Grassley to oversee this clusterfuck of an investigation. Grassley, a demented old crank who has been in the Senate longer than First Lady Ivanka Trump has been alive, approves of the firing of Comey and I'm sure the appointment of some Russian speaking twit as a replacement.

But like I said, Nixon and his goons knew what he was doing by surrounding himself with professional thugs like Liddy and Segretti and John Ehrlichman and H R Haldeman and Mitchell and Bork. Nixon was ruthless and did whatever he could to not only win, but crush his opponents beyond recognition. This bunch of incompetent racists and oligarchs and dopes cant even cover up their own idiocy much less a Russian covert operation to take over the American government. Despite the worship of a minute percentage of American idiots and the collusion of the American Congress, this entire stinking administration is on shaky ground. Because the fish rots from the head and the head is a beaver haired lazy ass rich kid from Queens who has finally bitten off more than he could chew.

I mean come on, in Trump's letter to Comey he mentions the investigation that is not happening and how Comey called him three times to say its not happening and how despite the fact the investigating is not happening he's firing him anyway. Jesus, you dolt, why mention the investigation that is not happening when you fire the guy not investigating you.

This may seem dark and dreary at this time. But remember the idiots that Trump has appointed and the morons who serve as his spokespeople. This is a house of cards ready to fall. And fall it will.

This administration may be a house of cards, but they are definitely not a House Of Cards. Francis J Underwood would have pushed Kellyanne Conway in front of a Metro train and certainly have gassed a drunken Steve Bannon by now.

Bye bye motherfuckers.

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