Sunday, April 30, 2017

Betterman Is Letterman!

There are still some really smart people left in this world. They get sick of being smarter than everybody else and eventually either quit, kill themselves or fade into being hacks because what the fuck, why fight the stupidity and greed any longer.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last night on HBO is exactly what I'm talking about. Because I wasnt going to watch the White House Correspondence Dinner due to the fact it was this hackneyed crapfest that made an orange glob of humorless goo decide to run for President because a black man made fun of him. And I wasnt going to watch the latest scream for attention by our Toddler In Chief in front of a bunch of Pennsylvania rubes who apparently do not know Hillary Clinton has faded into oblivion. So it was the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. At least I'd get a Pearl Jam fix once Eddie Vedder stopped talking.

But what I got was a reminder of the genius and gift to those of us who despise authority that is David Letterman. Decked out in a suit and a beard that wold make Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill proud, Dave gave a speech inducting Pearl Jam into the Hall that made me long for the days of the anarchist he was, and apparently still is. Even while praising Pearl Jam, he never once let them off the hook with his biting humor in regards to their inability to keep drummers in their early days and the losing fight they launched against Ticketmaster. Who else in one sentence can call Ticketmaster beady eyed weasels AND remind Eddie Vedder, hey dude, you lost and accomplished nothing.

But when Dave was ready to read a moving letter from Eddie to his son, Harry, and held up the guitar that his kid had been given, and then showed that picture of his son, and a picture of a middle schooler lighting up a smoke popped up, who the hell didn't not only howl, but also be sad that this genius is no longer making the comfortable uncomfortable on late night television.

I love Pearl Jam as they are one of the 10 greatest rock bands that has ever existed and certainly one of the top 5 American bands ever, but what I found out I loved even more was David Letterman.

Dave, I wish you well, keep that beard, and please some day come back as an interviewer on a news channel. You were the only one who ever held these asshole blowhard politicians and Fox News creeps accountable for their bullshit.

Has it really been 100 days since America was taken over by stupidity? I wonder what Dave would say.

Watch his speech here.

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