Monday, January 25, 2016

Warning To Hillary!

As an aging baby boomer ,I am a sucker for ads like this. Maybe its because it's such a contrast to the vampire like ads put out by that sneering vulture Ted Cruz, or that reality show host and his rambling nonsense, or the idiocy put forth from Cruz Lite, Marco Polo, or the sleepy America sucks turn that the somnambulist Doctor Ben has taken.

Bernie Sanders America ad is hope and change all over again and Hillary had better take it seriously or shes going to get out hustled and out energized like she did in 2008. Sanders supporters have the energy of 2008 Obama foot soldiers and quite frankly the energy of the 1992 Bill Clinton troops who turned old man Bush into a man who looked like he'd rather be speed boating at Kennebunkport than running the country into a pothole.

Iowa is all about energy. Not the energy of fear mongering religious evangelicals who turn out to give the Republican caucus winner the kiss of death, but the young people who walk the streets door to door for candidates like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and Gary Hart and Jimmy Carter and George McGovern because their idealism hasn't been crushed. Sanders has a movement going. I saw it in 2008 when at a caucus the Hillary supporters were old and white and quite frankly, boring. The Obama side of the room was chanting and cheering and getting told by olds like me that this is what Bobby Kennedy's campaign was like. My 84 year old mother abandoned Hillary that day for Obama. She said simply "I like these Obama people better".

And Hillary Clinton had better realize this. Her ads in Iowa are negative towards Bernie. She tears him up for what? I am afraid its because that is what Clintons do. Attack like cornered dogs. And nobody likes a cornered dog. A happy tail wagging dog yes. Maybe she should try it instead of going more towards the Carly Fiorina style of humorless victim type ads.

Don't get me wrong, I would vote for Hillary over any of those fucking Republican assholes. But her way of campaigning got her beat in 2008, and it may get her beat in 2012. I am serious here. This Bernie Sanders thing is catching on. I saw Bernie speak last August and I felt like running out and voting for him right then and there. There wasn't one thing he said I felt anyone with a brain and a heart could disagree with. He is inspiring to say the least. I just love the guy.

Hillary has better get it together and quickly. She is in danger. And she doesn't get it. She is likable as hell on Ellen or Fallon or Colbert or Kimmel, but she is unlikable as hell when she runs a campaign. She is no Bill Clinton, ruthless but lovable. She's simply ruthless.

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