Saturday, January 9, 2016

Please Turn It To Anything Else!

Living right across the river from the state where politicians tend to ass kiss and declare the love of corn and appeal to the religious nutjobs who permeate small towns I must also witness the television ads that are now part of the horridness of watching local news so you can see how many people got hurt in car wrecks (yes this is actual news here). The local news on occasion is awesome the other 99% is unwatchable. And now that the political ads have started, well, it's a chore.

The mouth that continues to roar is up and running his ad. The Trump nitwit parade has not only come to the local area in person, it is now telling everyone who will listen how the reality show star will cut heads off and steal cheap oil and ban all the Muslims from entering our beloved white enclave until " we figure out what is going on". That never fails to make me laugh, and then shake my head and eventually weep that this con man is in danger of winning a major political parties nomination. Oh good lord, of course he's not going to win, he is finished....what's that? He went up 5 more points?

The Trump ad is in its own way, pure unadulterated genius in its appeal to people who have no idea how things work, nor care. They want simplicity because it's simple and it brings them up to the level of the people they hate. Anybody who takes the time to learn of anything other than who will win The Voice. Strength in numbers. A political lynch mob. Hey all these people around me are just like me and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Lets go back to the 1950's and after a few more Emmett Tills everything will be back the way it was when whitey ruled. And the top tax rate was 90%. Huh?

Another ad that has begun running for the wunderkind that desperate Republicans are turning to for guidance, Marco Rubio. Slapped with more pancake makeup than has been seen since Lillian Gish was running from the black faced rapists in Birth of A Nation, Rubio talks calmly about what a rapist bad bad leader Obummer is by appealing to the you can't do two things at once crowd. Rubio, perhaps the whitest Cuban who ever lived, in his pasty white face makeup goes to the card that all dummies love....Hey ISIS (if ya had any balls Marco you'd call them Daesh like that wimpy John Kerry does)is around so everything else is undo able. No action on anything until ISIS is gone. You know that guy. The well look at Chicago where the coloreds blacks are killing each other so why bother caring about the cops killing them crowd. The one thing at a time bunch. Rubio is after that mob.

Ted Cruz, the guy sailing along in Trump's drift, ready to pounce when Trump finally bows out. Letting Trumps racism and idiocy make himself look reasonable when he himself is far worse. Cruz is running ads where he goes back to that old Obummer gutted the military card. That golden oldie. Democrats hate the military. You know, cuz they don't start as many unnecessary wars that turn your hopeless children from small town loser to hero. Cruz, who I still insist could lick his nose if not stick his tongue right up into his diseased Canadian brain, is really the worst of them all. His ideas are not only wrong, but dangerous. And he waits, for the fanatics who make up Republican Iowa caucus goers, to bring the torches and ropes to the schools and fire stations of Iowa on that cold night in February where they will take back 'Murca for Jesus. The real Jesus not that illegal Hay-zeus.

And finally there's the hands of Doc Ben Carson. Talk about a guy wanting to lose! Reasonable and low key. Let's all join hands and make this country great. What the fuck is he thinking? Cmon Doc, where's the hate and bigotry and fear? You were in 2nd, now you'll be lucky to even get one overall clad dude to waddle over to your corner.

Oh political season in Iowa, and by really bad osmosis, us.

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Burr Deming said...

When I was a kid, they were called racial conservatives. Later, they became cultural conservatives. Trump supporters are too exuberant for those euphemisms. As I see it, they are the future of the Republican party. For the last half century, the GOP has been accelerating toward the rightmost ragged edge of the political spectrum. The process has been out of control for a long time.

I think you've called it about right.