Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wake Up Whitey!

The scam has been going on for 233 so years and it's working even today. Perhaps even more so since social media (man I hate that term anymore) tells people exactly what they want to hear and facts be damned. Yeah polar bears started out red and living in Fiji until one day God picked em up and dropped them in the Arctic and made them white like him. There, I just made a "fact" that your average Trump supporter would believe if the con artist who is Donald Trump tweeted it out and then called black bears losers and disgusting.

Working class white folks, whose financial life has been in decline since the Pinto and the Maverick were killing them, continue to vote against their own interests time after time after time because the power structure, all rich white men, tell them the reason they are in decline is because of big government, Democrats, and of course the old stand by, minorities, chicks, gays, atheists, and immigrants. Now I don't happen to think that big government bothers them that much, other than kooks like that band of slimy freeloaders up in Oregon. But the rest of that really bothers them because the Republicans and the wealthy puppet masters make it abundantly clear that if it was like it was back in the good old days, when the women stayed home, and the blacks stayed in the hood, and the gays stayed in the closet, and the atheists stayed in their beatnik coffee houses and the immigrants stayed in Mexico, you too would be Koch like and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Wow, the shit goes down easy. Not like the medicinal truth that tastes so bad that the game is rigged, you lose, and you blame the other team for cheating while the referees pick both teams pockets, and blames it all on each other teams. It really is amazing.

It's never going to change. Well, not in my lifetime anyway. The income gap may grow so large that nobody can take it any longer and a French Revolution begins. It could happen.

But working class Americans have always had a bit of Mussolini in them. Make the trains run on time and all is well. Yeah I am getting fucked over on a daily basis, I know it, but how can I look up to blame someone when its so much easier to look down? That is the problem. Working class whites work their asses off, just as working class blacks and Asians and Hispanics do, but nothing gets better. The game is rigged, remember? The blacks and the Hispanics and the Asians know the game is rigged, the whites refuse to buy it. The white privilege is theirs, they are subjected to it daily, but they aren't getting it in their own minds. And scammers like Trump and Cruz and the rest of that sorry lot tap into it and it fucking works.

It is frustrating to watch every 2 years. Wake up, whitey. The man keeping you down isn't the guy just like you with a different shade of skin, It's the people telling you it is.

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