Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The President came to Omaha today.The local news blabbered on and on and basically ruined the watching. But then the speech. And oh what a speech it was. Classic Obama.

Some notes.

1) The Rich Kid who is Governor of this state thanks to the R next to his name and the fact he ran against an even bigger asshole in the primary at first refused to greet the President at the airport. Not because his rock solid right wing nutjob principles wouldn't allow him to do so but because he was working so hard on his State of the State Address......wait....what the fuck is that? The State of the State? What state? State of what? I didn't even know this state had a state.

2) The Rich Kid changed his decaying mind and decided he would be found out as a small and petty man and decided to join the Mayor of Omaha who of course does not agree with anything Obama says but went to greet him cuz she's misguided but not small and petty. The Rich Kid then went back to writing his speech nobody gives rat's ass about.

3) Local news sucks no matter where you are. Goddamn, if I heard one more time the fact the blonde dumb chick and the plastic haired dimwit saw a car driving on a street and just had to tell you about it I was gonna run into traffic myself.

4) The local right wing radio station couldn't stop for one day hammering home the marching orders from the Heritage Foundation including one host who said, out loud, he wouldn't walk across the street to piss on Obama. Classy.

5) I like Obama. I really do. I think what he has put up with in the last 7 years is unprecedented. However, let the black dude loose. Who gives shit what the opposition thinks? They fucking hate you. You're black. So give em what they expect. One mad motherfucker. It's kind of gettin there, but its not yet enough to make little old white ladies think he's going to boil them and eat them.

So long, President Obama. Could you possibly have perhaps taken the Rich Kid with you?

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