Friday, January 22, 2016

Crime Hits Home!

You can talk about violent crime all you want. You can fear it, you can excuse it, you can glorify it, but until you experience it, shut the fuck up.

Max's Mom was coming out of a grocery store the other afternoon like she had a thousand other times. Putting her groceries in the trunk like a thousand times before. But leaving her purse in the cart like only once before. This time. A Dodge Charger with two predators lurked nearby. They spotted the purse and leaped into action. A woman got out of the car and quickly came at Max's Mom. Max's Mom, a trusting sort, politely asked the woman if she wanted the cart. The woman said nothing. She grabbed the purse and began to tug, but Max's Mom instinctively tugged back to protect the 5 or so bucks because ahhh fuck you. The woman then began to punch Max's Mom, not a fighter, in the face, but she held onto that goddamned purse because hey fuck off. Max's Mom went down in a puddle of water and gunk and the woman was still determined to get that purse. Punching away until the man in the car grabbed her and said something like "this isn't working lets go", the two jack offs got back into the car and drove away, where they assaulted another woman a couple of miles away and did get her purse, after throwing her down some stairs.

Max's Mom has to be checked out by paramedics and sustained bruising to her face and a fat lip which from the side make her look almost Daffy Duck like. But the damage was way more than physical. The mental damage was devastating. She cannot stop crying. She cannot stop picturing this crazed woman coming at her and assaulting her without saying a word. She cannot stop thinking about how she thought she was going to die. For what? A purse? For money? For what?

You can say she should have given up the purse. Yeah that's probably true. But what would you do if someone began trying to take something of yours? Resist? Of course you would. I have always thought that the chances of me being killed in a situation like that is higher than normal because trust me, I'd fight to my own death to fuck people like that up. Oh I know I'd lose, but I'd go down trying. Max's Mom is the sweetest person I may have ever known. She is giving to a fault. Had this crazed woman walked up and asked for the $5 in her purse, she would have gotten it as a matter of charity. But no, people like that just take what they want. Violently.

Anyway, these two assholes were arrested today for the assaults on both Max's Mom and the other woman pushed down stairs for a her purse. The woman is 20. 20 goddamned years old and facing mandatory jail time because she was so hardened by whatever to take something that doesn't belong to her and becoming violent when denied. The man is 25 and probably no fucking good. And influential enough to take a 20 year old down with him.

I just hope that Max's Mom comes out of this intact. I think she will. She's strong and won't let two creeps take her spirit. But for now, she's scared silly.

Meanwhile, as for me, I'm just pissed. Pissed cuz I cannot do anything. I wasn't there. I just had to help clean up the mess of a woman I love in tatters. For that reason, I won't forgive. I hope they both rot.

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